There is Limitation to What Parents can do for their Adult-Age Children

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

A reader of this blog says that her adult-age son cannot get a job because of his stuttering and when he was doing a part-time job, he couldn’t continue with his job because of bullying. According to her, her son said he didn’t like manual labor and wanted to die. Hearing this, his mother sent me the message, worried and grieving about him. It seems that as a single mother, she cannot say what she really wants to say to him, feeling small. Single mothers tend to be too protective to their children than mothers in ordinary home environment.

  • stuttering 吃音
  • bullying いじめ
  • manual labor 肉体労働
  • mourn 嘆く
  • protective 過保護

If I said the same thing to my mother, she wouldn’t hesitate to say “How miserable you are. Go ahead. Just die” and she might worry and cry, out of my sight. No matter how hard parents arrange everything for their children, parents are to die before their children and the children have to live on their own, which is a rule of this world. There is a limitation to what parents can do for their adult-age son. It is good to listen to him and have compassion on him. By doing so, you can satisfy yourself, thinking “I did all I could do to my son.” If you ignore him in such a situation, you’ll have regrets later.

  • hesitate ためらう
  • on one’s own 自分で
  • limitation 限界
  • compassion 憐れみ
  • satisfy 満足させる
  • regret 後悔

All such parents can do is hold memorial services for their ancestors to clean the spiritual line of their family line. As the spiritual line is cleaned, it will have good effects on their son. However much mothers worry about their son, things couldn’t be better. It’s advisable for mothers with such a son to offer gratitude to Inner God inside themselves and their ancestral spirits whenever they think about their son, saying in their heart “Thank you so much for keeping my son alive,” instead of worrying about him.

  • family line 家系
  • effect 影響
  • advisable 賢明な
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • whenever S+V SがVする時はいつでも
  • instead of A Aの代わりに

I would say to her son “Don’t you know even a worm will turn? “, “You took the trouble to be born into this world, right? Do you want to end your like like this?”, or “Are you gonna kill your Inner God you received in trust?” There’s nothing bad about manual labor. It’s much better to do manual labor silently and sweating, sometimes scolded by your boss, than to work in your office bullied mentally. Being scolded is common in any company. Future is unknown. There are a lot of successful men who started by doing manual labor.

  • Even a worm will turn. 一寸の虫にも五分の魂
  • take the trouble to~   わざわざ〜する
  • in trust 信頼されて
  • silently 黙って
  • scold 𠮟る
  • common よくある

When I was a child, I read a book of Mr. Masutatsu Ohyama(大山倍達), the founder of Kyokushin Karate. Looking at his picture, especially a picture of his braking a natural stone with his bear hand, I, only a child, could see he was a reincarnation of a natural spirit putting on the human body. The stones he broke with his bare hand were round natural ones found in rivers. Normally, natural stones Karate experts use for breaking are flat and rough. But the stones he broke were oval, nearly a sphere, and the surface was smooth. Such stones must have had high density.

  • founder 創始者
  • bear hand 素手
  • especially 特に
  • reincarnation 化身
  • round 丸い
  • oval 楕円の
  • sphere 球体
  • density 密度

I think that, even in recent years, there are few Karate experts who can break such round natural stones with a bare hand. Even Mr.Ohyama had difficulty breaking such round stones at first. According to the book, he was very poor with his family. He thought if he couldn’t break the stone, he couldn’t earn his living by Karate. But he strongly wanted to make money by Karate. Then, he came to be able to break the stones by practice.

  • recent years 近年
  • at first 最初は
  • earn one’s living 生活費を稼ぐ
  • come to~ 〜するようになる

You don’t need to hurry, for life is short. If you’re twenty, a quarter of your life span has already passed. It’s important to find a goal of your life and live passionately to reach the goal for the rest of your life. I want to add to the son “You couldn’t eat meals like this. You can only do it as long as your mother lives.”

  • hurry 急ぐ
  • quarter 4分の一
  • passionately 情熱的に
  • add 付け加えて言う
  • as long as S+V SがVする限り

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

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