Remembering the Deceased is the Best Memorial Service

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

Spirits who had something to do with to you in the past gather around the third incense stick you offer in holding a memorial service. This spring, when I tried to offer the third incense stick during a grateful memorial service for my ancestors, which I hold every morning, a deceased man, who used to be my boss, came into my mind. Feeling that he must’ve come to ask me for consolation, I offered the incense stick remembering his face because I had forgotten his name.

  • have something to do with A Aと関係がある
  • gather 集まる
  • grateful 感謝の
  • deceaced 亡くなった
  • consolation 慰め

Watching TV after the memorial service, I was remembering about him. He died single. He loved such animations as girls like. He was very nice and kind. He was so gentle that he couldn’t say no when he was asked to give someone a helping hand. He himself was busy as a manager of a project, though. I was one of his subordinates and when another manager made a complaint about our task being late, we would often ascribe the delay to him. He was my boss for about six months and after our project was finished, he would often be assigned another project of our company one after another. He seemed to be bullied in the last days of his being in the company. He quitted the company after all.

  • single 独身の
  • subordinate 部下
  • complaint クレーム
  • ascribe A to B AをBのせいにする
  • delay 遅れ
  • complete 完成させる
  • assign  割り当てる
  • one after another 次から次へと
  • bully いじめる
  • quit 辞める

About five years after he left the company, I was having a meal with another manager and was told by the manager about his life after he retired. I was shocked at the story. According to what he told me about, my ex-boss got a job at a small company in a different field and had a hard time there. After a while he got cancer but refused to have a surgery. He didn’t go to the office without notice, so one of his colleagues, feeling something was wrong, visited a caretaker of the apartment house he lived in, had him open the door of his room, and found out his dead body hardly recognizable.

  • meal 食事
  • field 分野
  • hard time 苦労
  • get cancer 癌になる
  • refuse 拒否する
  • surgery 手術
  • notice 知らせ
  • caretaker 管理人
  • recognizable 見分けがつく

The manager I was having the meal with knew this information by a call from the dead manager’s only sister living far. According to her, the president of the company he worked for had gotten a heavy life insurance, eight thousand yen, on him in the company’s name several months before he died. The insurance company called her to ask for her signature stamp so that the company can receive the insurance money. The president, seeing the single, lonely man becoming feeble day by day, must’ve paid such a lot of insurance money like a gamble. The present manager got angry to hear this and advised her to persist in receiving as much insurance money as possible. I felt sorry for him when I heard this story, thinking that if we had taken his part more, he could have avoided quitting his job.

  • president 社長
  • life insurance 生命保険
  • signature stamp 印鑑
  • lonely 孤独な
  • feeble 弱った
  • day by day 日に日に
  • persist 粘る
  • take one’s part 〜を庇う

It’s been more than ten years since I met him last. Every time I remember him, I hope that the smoke of the third incense stick will reach him. I will be remembering him whenever the date of his death comes around. I want to hold a memorial service for him as much as I can without forgetting penitence for him. If you have some deceased friend or acquaintance, please remember him or her and show your gratitude. This is the best memorial service for the deceased.

  • every time S+V SがVするたびに
  • penitence 懺悔
  • acquaintance 知人

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.