Futonorito Brown Rice – Part 3

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

I was going to put the refrigerator at a corner of the balcony on a Japanese room in my house. The next room was where my household shinto altar was. The size of the refrigerator was one meter square. The width of the balcony was about 1.3 meters, so I thought that I could put it there easily.

  • household shinto altar 神棚
  • square 四角の
  • width 幅

I got a call from a trader of the refrigerator saying that he was going to carry the refrigerator in the next day, and that night I was trying to move a slim shelf 30 centimeters wide with a set of tea-things in it, located at the corner of the balcony. Then my wife came along and said, “What are you doing?” “I’m making room for the refrigerator,” I replied. “I don’t want you to move it because when I teach tea ceremony, the place is the best,” she said.

  • trader 業者
  • shelf 棚
  • tea-things 茶道具
  • room  場所

After some discussion, she began to insist that if the shelf cannot be put beside the refrigerator, she should return it. The width of the shelf was about 30 centimeters. Checking the width of the refrigerator in the catalog again, I found that it was 1030 milimeters. That is, it was 3 centimeters wider than I thought! I spent the night uneasy, thinking it would be impossible to install it given 3 centimeters. lol

  • discussion 議論
  • insist 言い張る
  • given A Aを考えると

The next day, I was carrying the refrigerator in my house with the trader, hoping it would go well, and then, to my surprise, the size was just right to the teeth. The cooling device was attached to the upper side of the refrigerator, so a gap wasn’t needed between the refrigerator and the shelf. It weighed more than 500 kilograms with rice in it, so I put a 15 millimeter plywood on the floor under it.

  • to the teeth ぴったり
  • device 装置
  • upper side 上側
  • plywood 合板

The preparation of the refrigerator was completed by July. So I was thinking where to buy rice next. As I lived in the country, there were a lot of rice paddies and farmers in the neighborhood. But the water used there came from a source of water through a number of towns. I didn’t feel like buying Futonorito brown rice from the farmers. However, I wasn’t worried about it at all because I was sure that I would receive some direction from my Kenzoku-shin. In the meantime it was mid-August. The refrigerator still remained empty.

  • complete 終える
  • rice paddy 田んぼ
  • neighborhood 近所
  • source of water 水源
  • direction 指示
  • in the meantime そうこうしているうちに
  • empty 空の

One day, I was talking with a man of our client company after a long time. Somehow, we began to talk about farmers and he told me that his parents grew rice. Where they lived was in a village near the headwaters of Mt. Hakusan. He said that his parents were both over 70 and grew enough rice for them and their relatives to eat.

  • after a long time 久しぶりに
  • headwaters 源流
  • relative 親戚

What he said rang the bell. So I asked him to call them to see if they could sell rice to me. The reply was that they could sell it to me because they had a good harvest that year due to a good weather. On the weekend, I drove to his parents’ home at the foot of Mt.Hakusan to greet them, as well. They were a good couple with a round face and their smiles were nice. I felt relieved just at the sight of their faces. I asked them to show me their paddy field, where clean water was brought from the source of Hakusan-Tedori river. It was surrounded by magnificent mountains.

  • ring the bell ぴんと来る
  • reply 返事
  • harvest 収穫
  • foot 麓
  • round 丸い
  • relieved ほっとした
  • magnificent 荘厳な

On 8 September, I received a call from them saying that the brown rice was ready and that I could come to get it. But I got worried about the rice weighing about 400 kilograms, and thought that my car might have no capacity for it. The next day, I asked a transportation company which was our company’s client company if they could bring the rice to me. They said that they happened to have a truck going in the direction of Mt.Hakusan early in the morning the next day, and that they could pick it up on the way back at a discount charge.

  • capacity 収容能力
  • transportation 輸送
  • happen to~ たまたま〜する
  • direction 方向
  • discount 割引

I managed to have the brown rice arrive at my house on 10 September with a good weather. The number ten is related to Amaterasu-oho-mi-kami(天照太御神). On the day the brown rice came, my house was filled with a nostalgic scent and it was warm inside the house. I feel a divine will lying in the fact that the rice came to my house smoothly despite difficulties. Now that I have given the Futonorito rice, I think I’m obliged to do good things to this World of Reality to requite the spiritual being’s favor leading me to buy it.

  • manage to~ どうにかして〜する
  • related 関係している
  • filled 満たされた
  • nostalgic 懐かしい
  • scent 香り
  • divine 神の
  • will 意志
  • requite 返す
  • lead A to~   Aに〜するよう仕向ける

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.