New Type of Humans are to be Born


A reader of this blog pointed out a very interesting thing. It was about Schumann Resonance, which is said to be related to the extinction of dinosaurs, too.

  • point out A  Aを指摘する
  • Schumann Resonances  シューマン共振
  • related 関係した
  • extinction 絶滅

Schumann Resonance were named after Professor Schumann of University of Illinois in the U.S. , who found out that the earth resonates with electromagnetic waves of ultra low frequency. Schumann Resonance, also called “the brainwave of the earth”, had stayed about 7.8Hz until the 1980s. But in the end of the 1980s, it began to rise gradually, rose up by 30% by 1997 to 10.1Hz and then reached 13.0Hz by 2000. It is expected to rise up to 20.0Hz by 2013. In short, the brainwave of the earth is soaring.

  • resonate 共振する
  • electromagnetic wave 電磁波
  • frequency 周波
  • be expected to~ 〜するものと考えられている
  • soar 急上昇する

Also, there is a possibility that the increase in Schumann Resonance will damage DNA seriously. According to a man of supernatural idea, by 2012 Schumann Resonance of the earth will exceed 13 cycle per second and remain the same as a normal state and the magnetic field of the earth will head for zero, which he called Zero Point. He stated that if the square root of 1 percent of the population of the earth prayed from the heart, 8367 people for 7 billion, the earth would turn into a peaceful and rich planet.

  • possiblity 可能性
  • supernatural 超自然の
  • per second 毎秒
  • normal state 常態
  • pray 祈る

Also, a research institute in the U.S. found that the heart itself has its “brain” and forms the strongest and largest energy field of all organs and its magnetic field is 2.5 to 3 meters in diameter with the heart being the center. The magnetic field of the heart is 5000 times as strong as that of the brain. It is thought that the energy emitted from the heart, not the brain, is much more powerful than we imagine and it might be causing the present global crises.

  • diameter 直径
  • emit 放出する
  • cisis 危機

Since dinosaurs had also a strong magnetic field of their heart, 5000 times stronger than that of the brain, they may have died out because of heart attack caused by the rise of Schumann Resonance. Humans can also die out like dinosaurs because the rise of Schumann Resonance caused by the abnormality of geomagnetism affects the magnetic field of the heart or DNA.

  • dinosaur 恐竜
  • die out 絶滅する
  • heart attack 心臓発作
  • abnormality 異常

However, there is a hope, too. According to the man of supernatural idea, DNA can expand slowly and divide to make a new DNA and as a result immune system improves and people can be rejuvenated. They can revive as a new human beings and a new type of humans can be born in the future.

  • immune system 免疫
  • rejunenate 若返りをさせる
  • revive 生き返る

The year of 2012 can be a memorable year when a new type of humans and an old type are screened. I think the appreciative words of “I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su”, or “Thank you so much for keeping us alive,” was given as the way for the DNA of the new type of humans to be transcribed to the World of Reality.

  • memorable 記念すべき
  • screen ふるいにかける
  • appreciative 感謝の
  • transcribe 転写する

It was in the beginning of the 1980s that I began to resonate again with Kunitokotachi-oh-kami(国常立太神), the Earth Spirit. The time corresponded to when Schumann Resonances of the earth began to rise. The Earth Spirit may have begun to shriek with pain.

  • correspond 一致する
  • shriek 悲鳴を上げる
  • pain 痛み

I think the first fad of spiritualism was in those days, such as channeling with a self-appointed alien and shinto groups imitating Ohmoto-kyo(大本教). Thinking back now, I find they were no genuine. Channelers were just patients with multiple personalities and most of them disappeared a few years later.

  • fad ブーム
  • self-appointed 自称の
  • imitate 真似る
  • genuine 本物の
  • patient 患者
  • multiple personalities 多重人格

The truth is most of the founders of such shinto groups were just obsessed with a low-level fox spirit and demanded payment for nothing more than table turning. Those days were the time when the last banquet started by those possessed with spiritual beings of the World of the Dead.

  • obsessed 憑依された
  • demand 要求する
  • nothing more than A Aにすぎないもの
  • table turn こっくりさん
  • banquet 饗宴

What this reader is pointing out is interesting because it suggests the effectiveness and importance of Thankful Movement of Five Percent of Human Beings from the viewpoint of science. I think it’s great that it does affect the earth for about 8000 people to be thankful. There are tens of thousands of people reading this blog now. I can feel the difference of  spiritual atmosphere everyday. There is a possibility that the regeneration of human beings begins or a new type of humans are about to be born. I received this kind of message long time ago as a private revelation from a holy spirit. This time, I’m going to write about part of this.

  • effectiveness 有効性
  • veiwpoint 視点
  • regeneration 再生
  • revelation 神示

According to my vision in my brain, one day in the future, when sunspots appear in a concentrated manner, super huge solar flare whose length is several times as long as the diameter of the sun is discharged in the direction of the earth. Affected directly by the electromagnetic waves, creatures on the earth have the movement of their heart stop to be in a temporary state of apparent death. After a while, some begin to regain consciousness in order from animals. There are two types of human beings: those who revive or those who don’t. Surprisingly, sickly persons, people suffering from serious illness, or the disabled are likely to revive, all depending on the purity of their heart, not physical strength.

  • sunspot 太陽黒点
  • length 長さ
  • discharge 発射する
  • temporary 一時的な
  • apparent death 仮死
  • regain 取り戻す
  • sickly 病気がちな
  • purity 純粋さ

Human beings with their own original magnetism will revive. The holy spirit told me that the spirit had already notified humans in advance of this thing through the legend of Christianity of Jesus’s death and revival and of him sharing bread and wine, or flesh and blood, with his disciples. In the case of shinto, the legend is the myth that Izanagi and Izanami bore a lot of hoy gods after fighting each other fiercely at a underground tunnel to Yominokuni(黄泉の国).

  • notify 告知する
  • in advance あらかじめ
  • legend 伝承
  • disciple 弟子
  • fiercely 激しく

I’m not inspiring fear. The future is not fixed. Even God doesn’t know the future. Your kids saying “Oh, my god” beside you might be gods. I imagine seriously that if the Thankful Movement of Five Percent of Human Beings works well, the energy of gratitude human beings emit will cover up the earth and bounces back the electromagnetic waves from the sun. Since they are given off by God, who has been watching over each of us, God will use discretion, I think. The holy spirit says that all human beings have to do is live calmly with gratitude for ordinary lives, and that we must believe in ourselves never being obsessed with electromagnetism of depending on others.

  • inspire 吹き込む
  • fear 恐怖
  • bounce A back Aを跳ね返す
  • discretion 手加減
  • calmly 淡々と
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • ordinary 普通の

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

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