The More Growth Rings You Have in Your Heart, The Tougher You Grows.

I have often gone out to a deep forest on holidays since last year. My house is in the country of a provincial town. Driving for an hour from where I live takes me to unspoiled nature, where I take pictures of it, for I feel like taking pictures of the present nature and keeping them for good. I take a picture from various angles as I like.

  • provincial 地方の
  • unspoiled 手付かずの
  • feel like ~ing 〜したい気がする
  • present 現在の
  • angle 角度

I went out yesterday with a friend of mine who was familiar with cameras. Taking pictures is not my hobby, so I don’t know anything about the latest AF single-lens reflex cameras with a lot of functions. So I learned from him how to take a picture of moving clear streams and illuminance adjustment.

  • familiar 詳しい
  • AF single-lens reflex camera 一眼レフ
  • function 機能
  • stream 小川
  • illuminance adjustment 照明調節

Ridge lines of winter mountains without foliage are clear, so it’s easy to see landforms with mountains. I could keep seeing the view without getting bored. Indeed, there are few bald, barren mountains in Japan. There a lot of foreign countries where there are only barren mountains even if they are of the same latitude as Japan. I feel that the amount of trees propagating themselves is proportional to the number of nature spirits living there. It’s easy for trees and plants to thrive in Japan even when they’re left alone, which has to do with the spirituality the ground of Japan has. In the human body, for example, hairs grow up at important warm spots where a lot of capillary vessels are concentrated, such as a head, armpits and sexual organs. A lot of trees growing up naturally in Japan means that the ground is alive and active. We are living on such a big living thing.

  • ridge line 稜線
  • foliage 葉
  • landform 地形
  • get bored 飽きる
  • barren 不毛の
  • latitude 緯度
  • bald 禿げた
  • propagate oneself 繁殖する
  • proportional 比例した
  • capillary vessel 毛細血管

It is said that the more growth rings a tree has, the better it is as timber. A growth ring is formed in a year. Trees in Kyushu region, which is a warm region, grow big enough to be made into a pillar in ten years, while in cold regions such as Akita prefecture, it takes at least 30 years for trees to grow up enough. Though these are the same kind of timber, but they are quite different in price. Because the durability of timber is proportional to the number of its growth rings, the more growth rings a pillar has, the longer it lasts. In the same way, those who have got over difficulties with a positive attitude with a lot of “growth rings” in their heart will be tougher and tougher. They will not only have their heart last long but also acquire eternal life.

  • timber 材木
  • pillar 柱
  • durability 耐久性
  • last もつ
  • acquire 手に入れる
  • eternal 永遠の

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

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