You can be Positive without Unnecessary, Obstructive Magnetism

As economic conditions get worse, more and more women face a predicament. Socially vulnerable people are affected first. As for companies, women are more likely to encounter restructuring than men. I think, from my social experiences, that women are more diligent than men. If I compare ten female employees with ten male ones, I think there is one outstanding man among them. But on average, ten women seem to achieve better performance than ten men.

  • predicament 苦境
  • vulnerable 弱い
  • affect 影響する
  • encounter 遭遇する
  • on average 平均では
  • achieve 成し遂げる

If I were a manager, I would employ women, as permanent employees, and aged men receiving a pension who are honest and humble. By doing so, I could build a strong, ideal organization in terms of hiring expenses, retirement money, problems of sexual relations between male and female employees and so on. In the present imbalanced society, organizations of this kind could contribute to society, depending on the type of occupation though.  Every year will be crucial even for big companies. Companies’ prospects ten or twenty years from now are more and more likely to fail.

  • employ 雇う
  • permanent employee 正社員
  • pension 年金
  • honest 正直な
  • humble 謙虚な
  • ideal 理想的な
  • expense 費用
  • imbalanced いびつな
  • prospect 見込み
  • fail 外れる

Especially, housewives with children would be subject to economic trend. If their husband is uncooperative when it comes to a family matter, they will suffer triple distress economically, mentally and physically, taking care of their children like treasure. As they have no way out, such pressure on women must be heavy. This is really the Gurdjieff work. If they can get over it, they will have a face like that of Kannon in later years.

  • uncooperative 非協力的な
  • distress 苦しみ
  • way out 逃げ場

If you’re a housewife with children, you have to think about your children’s safety and life first. Your husband can wait. If your husband should abuse you, you have to think about where to escape all the time and save money secretly so that you and your children can live. In the middle period of Showa era, households were under a harsh condition in general. For example, the mother of Beat Takeshi, a famous Japanese comedian, brought up her children to be good men with her often struggling with her husband, whose salary was small. I hear the children are thinking that their mother has made them what they are and they didn’t need their father. The couple, however, lived until the end of their lives. I imagine that when he passed away, she must have shed tears that only that married couple know who have been together for a long time.

  • abuse 虐待する
  • harsh 過酷な
  • struggle 喧嘩をする
  • tear 涙

However hard your family life is, you don’t need to worry about anything as long as your mind is stable. Time passes even if you stumble. Everything will turn into good memories, definitely. For your mind to be stable, unnecessary spiritual magnetism is obstructive. You have only to decrease the spiritual magnetism related to you, holding memorial services for your ancestors constantly and look on your present tough situations calmly, never looking away from them. You can be positive without unnecessary, obstructive magnetism.

  • stable 安定して
  • definately 必ず
  • obstructive 邪魔な
  • look on A   Aを静観する
  • positive 積極的な

This world is essentially where various misfortunes and sad things happen. It is no use trying to avoid them. If a misfortune happens to you, it’s important that you smile at it, watch it calmly and have the mind to try to dissolve it. If you can laugh at it despite its harshness, I’m sure you can get over it. The present journey of your soul, or your life, will end in big success. This is because the best pressure makes you grow mentally.

  • misfortune 不運
  • avoid 避ける
  • dissolve 溶かす
  • despite 〜にもかかわらず

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.