Your Life is a Work of Your Own Making

A long time ago, a TV show called Candid Camera was popular in Japan. I hear that the TV show received a lot of complaints from viewers saying that the show was vulgar and mean and encouraged bully behavior. Seeing the show, I knew somehow who was truly deceived and who was pretending to be deceived. Seeing the truly deceived person was really fun.

  • complaint  クレーム
  • vulgar 下品
  • mean 卑しい
  • bully いじめ
  • pretend ふりをする

Lives are like Candid Camera. The differences between them are:

  1. You are the scriptwriter of your life.
  2. You ask the other players, such as your family, colleagues, friends and acquaintances, for their participation.
  3. You are the main character.
  4. You are also viewers.
  • difference 違い
  • scriptwriter 台本作家
  • axquaintance 知人
  • viewer 視聴者

You play these roles all by yourself. You decide them all according to your karma. First of all, you make a rough plan for the next trip, looking at your balance sheet of karma, the consequence of the past trips of your soul. Then, you ask yourself  how much you can ad-lib during the trip and think about it. You can change the scenario of your own making while you’re alive for better or for worse.

  • by oneself 一人で
  • balance sheet 貸借対照表
  • consequence 結果
  • ad-lib アドリブを行う
  • for better or for worse 善かれ悪しかれ

Once you make up the script of your life, you ask the producer, or Inner God, for permission for you to film the program. The producer, looking at your script, asks you:

*if you can go through your life on your small budget (= the total amount of good deeds in your past lives)

*if you never abandon the filming (=commit suicide)

*if you can have a high audience rating(=if your soul is highy esteemed)

  • permission 許可
  • film 撮影する
  • abandon 捨てる
  • audience rating 視聴率
  • esteem 評価する

If the producer gives you the permission but your life falls short of his expectations, the producer can lose trust from the president( = the parental god)and be forbidden producing another program or relegated to a lower position.

  • fall short of A Aに達しない
  • trust 信用
  • prohibit 禁止する
  • relegate 降格する

All of you are in the middle of filming your own lives. You’re great actors and actresses who have passed the test by Inner God. Most souls are not allowed to come into this World of Reality. So it’s regretful that a lot of talents are afraid to ad-lib and dependent on mean acting coaches(= fee-based gurus).

  • allow 許可する
  • regretful 残念な
  • fee-based 有料の

Just before you’re on the set, the script is taken away by the producer and you’re made to forget it (you don’t remember the memories of your past lives at birth), for as long as you remember the script, you cannot give a natural performance revealing your true nature.

  • take away A A を取り上げる
  • reveal 明らかにする
  • true nature 本性

Why don’t you grapple with everything happening in front of you, expressing your joy, anger, grief and pleasure?No matter what difficulties you’re facing now, the filming comes to an end without fail. Your problems are all trifles. Unless you stop the filming by killing yourself, your life, whatever the story or ending, is a great work that goes down in history. Today is another day of filming, isn’t it?

  • grapple 取り組む
  • anger 怒り
  • grief 悲しみ
  • without fail 必ず
  • trifle ささいなこと
  • go down in history 歴史に残る

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


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