As Long As Your Spiritual Line is Clogged, Your Sense of Isolation and Insecurity Never Disappears










Every time I see people, I’m deeply moved by the fact that every person has his/her parents. The parents have their own parents, and the grandparents have their own. I can see a spiritual line every person has. The spiritual line leads to one great motherly love.

  • every time S+V  SがVする度に
  • parent 親
  • motherly  母親のような

The motherly love never stops producing life and looks exactly like the sun. Spiritual lines of all humans lead to the same motherly love and so do those of animals. That is, spiritual lines of all living things lead to the one and only motherly love.

  • produce 産む
  • exactly 正に
  • one and only 唯一無二の

You, living in this World of Reality, are at the edge of your spiritual line. And if you trace back to your spiritual line, you’ll reach the great motherly love. As you return to where your soul came from, your individuality disappears and becomes the same as others. The spiritual sun, as it were, has seven billion coronas. The fact is, though each of you at the edge of your spiritual line appears different from each other, the origin is one and the same.

  • edge 先端
  • trace 遡る
  • individuality 個性
  • billion  10億

Once a spiritual line is clogged, its inside becomes constricted just like a balloon is twisted and the end part of the balloon appears to be different from the other part. In this way, when you’re cut off from the motherly love, you’ll feel lonely and your sense of insecurity will never disappear. It seems that a lot of people in this material world are going to the opposite direction, trying to relieve their anxiety.

  • clogged 詰まる
  • constrict 狭窄する
  • lonely 孤独な
  • insecrutiry 不安
  • direction 方向

Trace back to your spiritual line, and you can go back to where you belonged, or God. No matter how hard you go after others’ magnetism, you can’t go back there. Most people will know this truth just before or after they die. However hard you try to convince yourself that the origin is one and the same, your sense of loneliness and insecurity will never disappear as long as your spiritual line is clogged, which is a kind of karma for people living in the World of Reality.

  • convince 納得させる
  • loneliness 孤独
  • the World of Reality 現実界

It’s no use meditating and pretending to be spiritually awakened. Unless you turn back your twisted balloon, you can’t have an absolute sense of security. Only by holding memorial services for your ancestral spirits and reminding yourself of gratitude in your daily lives can you clear the clog.

  • It is no use ~ing 〜してみても無駄だ
  • meditate 瞑想する
  • pretend ふりをする
  • awakened 悟った
  • turn back A Aを元に戻す

Keep away from those whose spiritual pipes are clogged up, or you’ll get in trouble. Look at yourself.

  • keep away from A Aに近づかないで奥
  • get in trouble 厄介なことになる

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


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