Transition from the Age of the Moon to that of the Sun

Those are strong who have realized how important it is to be grateful for the present situations. People have a tendency to look for something they don’t have and be anxious for it. They take what they already have for granted and think nothing of it. Single persons, for example, are apt to feel lonely, want sweethearts, want to get married, want their kids and so on. Married persons, on the other hand, tend to want to be alone.

Human desires are never satisfied. Everyone has this tendency. As long as you live in this World of Reality, it’s natural that you want one thing after another. Though married men tend to be attracted to another women, they should love and cherish their wives, as a matter of course.

Those spiritual waves are coming from the moon that make people discontent with what they have. Thanks to the effects of the moon, civilizations can be said to have developed to this day.

The past few thousand years are coming to an end when the moon have had a strong influence on human beings and it is about to enter into an idle period. People have to realize that the time that progress is made by a sense of discontent will soon be over. That is, the modern civilization that has developed enough to destroy the earth has reached a critical point.

Our civilizations will change into the ones that are developed by a sense of satisfaction toward the present situations. We are now in the time of transition from the age of the moon to that of the sun. Do not live your life in the way that goes against this force of the universe, or you will end up finding yourself suffering. Also, having faith in something other than your Inner God is going to make you suffer, such faith having been created by the spiritual waves from the moon. It’s very difficult for human beings to resist spiritual waves from planets.

It’s important to build an attitude of thankfulness toward the present situations, no matter how miserable they are, for this attitude is along the current of the gravitational or attractive force of the universe. Ride the waves, and you will be able to live better lives naturally. It makes a big difference in your life whether you know this information or not.

If you succeed in riding the waves, you can live your life much more smoothly because being grateful for your present situations enables spiritual waves from planets to back you up.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


Something of a Spiritual Revolution is Necessary

There was a reader of this blog who holds a memorial service for his ancestors everyday. What he told me about is like the following;

When his little son was running around in the house, he accidentally hit a table for the memorial service with a bowl for ash of incense sticks on it. The bowl fell on the floor and the ash spread all over the place.

The moment his father touched the ash, trying to gather it up, he was shocked by static electricity. It was so strong that he felt as if the electricity crawled up his arm. He made his son help him to gather up the ash, but he couldn’t touch the ash either because of the strong electricity. Not knowing what to do, he called his wife for help. She could dispose of the ash easily, feeling nothing.

This was interesting, I thought. I feel it was a phenomenon caused by spiritual magnetism, for spirits coming near to Tanzaku, a kind of memorial tablet made from paper, stay there for a while even after the memorial service is over and the incense sticks have burned out.

So, when you hold a memorial service for your ancestors every day, it’s advisable to keep Tanzaku or a memorial tablet as it is. If you have to put it away for some reason, it’s better to leave as it is for at least one hour after finishing the service because your ancestral spirits are staying there for a while in the form of spiritual magnetism.

Though the reader had not have any spiritual experience before the accident, he, touching the strong static electricity, realized that the effect of the memorial service was real.

His living environment improved greatly after he started holding memorial services for his ancestors. It’s interesting that his wife didn’t feel nothing when she touched the ash, while her eldest son, who had much to do with the spiritual line of his family line, felt the strong static electricity. Whether you can have such a spiritual response or not depends on the degree to which your body and mind are purified.

As you hold a memorial service for your ancestral spirits for the purpose of showing your gratitude for them every day, you’ll come to be protected by more and more ancestral spirits of yours. To change your destiny in the World of Reality, you need something of a spiritual revolution. Without it, your life are likely to be the same.

As long as you live, every one of you is influenced by various spiritual magnetism. You don’t necessarily have to hold the memorial service, but just keep in mind that it really matters in terms of your destiny whether or not you get rid of your spiritual handicap you take every day.

The spiritual effect of your ancestral spirits on your life is much stronger than that of holy spirits because your ancestral spirits are in the dimension near the World of Reality. Since holy spirits resides in much higher dimensions than the World of Reality, it is difficult for them to have direct influences on you.

Life is short. It’s a waste to live life with misgivings. Tty your best in everything you do, always keeping a positive mind!

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


Ise-Hakusan Dou Method Prevents the Spiritual Sunlight from Affecting You

A revelation I received in the past said that many important things would be transferred onto the World of Reality from June 2009. In fact, many sunspots began to appear again from June.

I feel that electromagnetic waves from the sun that reach the surface of the earth have been more and more intense. This may be because of the decrease in Ozone layer protecting the earth.

Iris phenomenon of clouds occurred in Osaka yesterday. I think this was because electromagnetic waves from the sun reacted the clouds. As electromagnetic waves increase, you will see more and more auroras.

The problem is not electromagnetic waves the modern science can observe but the spiritual light contained in them. It has been very intense especially for the past few days.

If your body is smeared with spiritual grime, your body will react to the spiritual sunlight, which will cause you to suffer from general malaise such as dullness, headache or dizziness.

A more serious problem is the effect of the spiritual sunlight on the heart. This was the main reason for the extinction of dinosaurs.

There must be some people for the last few days who have been feeling something is wrong with their hearts . I’m sure there is a correlation between the number of sunspots and that of patients going to hospital.

Also, one of the effects of the electromagnetic waves from the sun has on the earth is the occurrence of earthquakes. Before earthquakes occur, local people will witness iris phenomenon.

I feel that electromagnetic waves from the sun becomes like a hydrogen bomb after reacting to the water under the ground. Since water veins in nature are fluid, they don’t become like bombs normally. But with huge artificial objects like a huge dam that affects the current of the water, the water veins could lead to crustal movements. So, if a military satellite in space delivers a strong electromagnetic wave to a water vein, it could cause an earthquake artificially.

In order not to be affected by the spiritual sunlight,

  1. Take hot water of about 40 degrees centigrade. It is recommendable to drink 1 to 2 liters of hot water a day and drink a small amount at a time.
  2. Take a slight amount of sea salt through food and water everyday. Don’t take white refined salt because it can cause high blood pressure. It’s good to put 1 gram of sea salt, 2 grams in summer, into 1 liter of hot water and drink it.
  3. Eat brown rice and green vegetables.
  4. Hold memorial services for your ancestral spirits to show your gratitude with the use of three incense sticks. This conduct clears you of spiritual grime, making the spiritual light from the sun run through your body.
  5. Keep your own original magnetism. If you have something to do with fee-based spiritual mentors, objects or groups, your spiritual body is affected by them. Cherish your original spirituality.

Magnetism of gratitude for the present conditions that human beings generate influences the electromagnetic waves from the sun. That is, by reminding yourself of the gratitude all the time, you can prevent the influence. Only 5 percent of the whole population could influence the earth.

Whatever happens in life, you’ll be alright. You soul is eternal. You’re living your life to enjoy the process.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


Spiritual Magnetism of Others Attached to Yours Causes You to be Smoked by the Spiritual Light of the Sun

Suppose that there is a man in a large microwave oven whose body is wrapped with a sheet iron and an iron bar is embedded into his body. What happens if you turn on the switch? He must be badly scalded from inside.

The same thing is happening on a global scale. I feel that there exists a spiritual light with super-fine vibration in the electromagnetic waves of the sun. It is similar to a neutrino in character and nature.

Microwaves are to a sheet iron what the spiritual light to spiritual grime. The spiritual light from the sun has been more and more intense these days. Some people with spiritual grime are suffering from general malaise. You have to lead your life so as not to be smeared with spiritual grime.

The causes of spiritual grime covering your spiritual body are like the following:

  1. to envy, curse, speak ill of, or abuse someone
  2. to hate or worry yourself
  3. to receive spiritual magnetism from another person through spiritual healing
  4. to get in touch with a bad new religion or psychic and touch the electromagnetism of an evil spirit behind them
  5. to chant an old charm or sutra that has been used for many years by people in need

Spiritual objects are also covered in spiritual grime. The moment you touch such a thing, you get covered with the spiritual dirt. But Oharae-no-kotoba(大祓詞), a shinto prayer, is OK because this is a truly holy prayer from ancient times.

When your original spiritual magnetism touches that of someone else, foreign matter reactions occur because of the spiritual light of the sun. Even people in general who are not interested in the spiritual world are likely to be mentally unstable or fall ill if they fit into 1 and 2. People who fit into 3 and 4 are especially likely to be “smoked” by the spiritual sunlight. If you fit into 5, you had better know the spiritual background.

Psychics who make prayers in exchange for money are going to be strongly affected by the spiritual light. Similarly, those who have received a spiritual healing will also get in trouble because of the spiritual magnetism of others.

In Showa era, there was a founder of a new religion, who predicted that the great purification by the sun would occur and asserted that only one-third of the human beings would survive it. He, ironically, propagated spiritual healings to many people in Japan. Human beings have to get back their own spirituality and know the method to sustain it.

Conversely, non religious people who have naturally avoided spiritual thing and lived right on their own won’t be affected by the spiritual sunlight. Saying “What? ‘Ascention’? …Are you nuts?,” they will get through it safe and sound.

As a method to purify your spiritual body, I recommend you to hold memorial services for your ancestors to show your gratitude to them. If you keep your spiritual body pure and clear, you won’t be affected by a sudden radiation of the spiritual sunlight.

You can sublimate your spiritual grime with the right method in advance, which is the grace of God. The spiritual light of the sun will be more and more intense.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


One of the Powers God Gave Us is an Imaginative Power

A long time ago, a housewife with three children visited me for advice. According to her story:

* Since her husband does his business at home, she is always with him.

* Her husband has an attentive personality. She can’t feel easy as he seems to be always watching her.

* When she talks back in a disobedient manner, he resorts to force.

* She works all day because she helps out with the family business.

* She doesn’t feel like having sex with him.

* She hates her life like that. She wants to divorce her husband.

Hearing this, I said to her “You could get a divorce. But in that case you have to work at a new place for living. Wherever you work, there will be a disgusting manager, boss or colleague. You have to raise your children with a small salary. If you get sick or have an accident, you have to deal with it by yourself. Why don’t you think in your heart that you’ve already divorced your husband, your home is a company and you’re working under a fussy boss? Just hang in there a little more with gratitude in mind. With gratitude to your ancestors for your present situations.”

The other day, for the first time in 20 years, I met her. She told me that she ceased to get irritated with her husband since she began to think him to be another person after all. She seemed to have done her best with gratitude for her surroundings. “He came to be mild as he got older. And he passed away to leave me his business,” she said.

Her children were all independent of her, and she was enjoying her life. She thanked me a lot for my advice that she shouldn’t get a divorce. “I can enjoy my life all the more because I’ve got through that difficulties.”

If you’re always choosing an easy solution or escaping from reality, you’re likely to suffer more and moe easily. If you’re in pain now, suppose that the real pleasure in the future is assured for you. If you drink a beer when you’re very thirsty, it must be so tasty, right? If you drink when you’re full, you can’t drink it all.

One of the powers God gave human beings is an imaginative power, that is to say a creative power. Human beings can run a simulation without experiencing it.

If a woman gets a divorce, for example, she has to take into consideration living expenses, where to live, job, children’s school and so on. Many things would change. Unexpected things will happen. Life is sometimes tough for a single mother, which she doesn’t know as long as she clings to divorce.

When you think about job change, divorce, changing schools etc., it’s better to write down everything that would change if you chose to do so, and to calculate the cost of many things. Before making up your mind, use your imagination first.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka She Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su