One of the Powers God Gave Us is an Imaginative Power

A long time ago, a housewife with three children visited me for advice. According to her story:

* Since her husband does his business at home, she is always with him.

* Her husband has an attentive personality. She can’t feel easy as he seems to be always watching her.

* When she talks back in a disobedient manner, he resorts to force.

* She works all day because she helps out with the family business.

* She doesn’t feel like having sex with him.

* She hates her life like that. She wants to divorce her husband.

Hearing this, I said to her “You could get a divorce. But in that case you have to work at a new place for living. Wherever you work, there will be a disgusting manager, boss or colleague. You have to raise your children with a small salary. If you get sick or have an accident, you have to deal with it by yourself. Why don’t you think in your heart that you’ve already divorced your husband, your home is a company and you’re working under a fussy boss? Just hang in there a little more with gratitude in mind. With gratitude to your ancestors for your present situations.”

The other day, for the first time in 20 years, I met her. She told me that she ceased to get irritated with her husband since she began to think him to be another person after all. She seemed to have done her best with gratitude for her surroundings. “He came to be mild as he got older. And he passed away to leave me his business,” she said.

Her children were all independent of her, and she was enjoying her life. She thanked me a lot for my advice that she shouldn’t get a divorce. “I can enjoy my life all the more because I’ve got through that difficulties.”

If you’re always choosing an easy solution or escaping from reality, you’re likely to suffer more and moe easily. If you’re in pain now, suppose that the real pleasure in the future is assured for you. If you drink a beer when you’re very thirsty, it must be so tasty, right? If you drink when you’re full, you can’t drink it all.

One of the powers God gave human beings is an imaginative power, that is to say a creative power. Human beings can run a simulation without experiencing it.

If a woman gets a divorce, for example, she has to take into consideration living expenses, where to live, job, children’s school and so on. Many things would change. Unexpected things will happen. Life is sometimes tough for a single mother, which she doesn’t know as long as she clings to divorce.

When you think about job change, divorce, changing schools etc., it’s better to write down everything that would change if you chose to do so, and to calculate the cost of many things. Before making up your mind, use your imagination first.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka She Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su