Spiritual Magnetism of Others Attached to Yours Causes You to be Smoked by the Spiritual Light of the Sun

Suppose that there is a man in a large microwave oven whose body is wrapped with a sheet iron and an iron bar is embedded into his body. What happens if you turn on the switch? He must be badly scalded from inside.

The same thing is happening on a global scale. I feel that there exists a spiritual light with super-fine vibration in the electromagnetic waves of the sun. It is similar to a neutrino in character and nature.

Microwaves are to a sheet iron what the spiritual light to spiritual grime. The spiritual light from the sun has been more and more intense these days. Some people with spiritual grime are suffering from general malaise. You have to lead your life so as not to be smeared with spiritual grime.

The causes of spiritual grime covering your spiritual body are like the following:

  1. to envy, curse, speak ill of, or abuse someone
  2. to hate or worry yourself
  3. to receive spiritual magnetism from another person through spiritual healing
  4. to get in touch with a bad new religion or psychic and touch the electromagnetism of an evil spirit behind them
  5. to chant an old charm or sutra that has been used for many years by people in need

Spiritual objects are also covered in spiritual grime. The moment you touch such a thing, you get covered with the spiritual dirt. But Oharae-no-kotoba(大祓詞), a shinto prayer, is OK because this is a truly holy prayer from ancient times.

When your original spiritual magnetism touches that of someone else, foreign matter reactions occur because of the spiritual light of the sun. Even people in general who are not interested in the spiritual world are likely to be mentally unstable or fall ill if they fit into 1 and 2. People who fit into 3 and 4 are especially likely to be “smoked” by the spiritual sunlight. If you fit into 5, you had better know the spiritual background.

Psychics who make prayers in exchange for money are going to be strongly affected by the spiritual light. Similarly, those who have received a spiritual healing will also get in trouble because of the spiritual magnetism of others.

In Showa era, there was a founder of a new religion, who predicted that the great purification by the sun would occur and asserted that only one-third of the human beings would survive it. He, ironically, propagated spiritual healings to many people in Japan. Human beings have to get back their own spirituality and know the method to sustain it.

Conversely, non religious people who have naturally avoided spiritual thing and lived right on their own won’t be affected by the spiritual sunlight. Saying “What? ‘Ascention’? …Are you nuts?,” they will get through it safe and sound.

As a method to purify your spiritual body, I recommend you to hold memorial services for your ancestors to show your gratitude to them. If you keep your spiritual body pure and clear, you won’t be affected by a sudden radiation of the spiritual sunlight.

You can sublimate your spiritual grime with the right method in advance, which is the grace of God. The spiritual light of the sun will be more and more intense.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su