Something of a Spiritual Revolution is Necessary

There was a reader of this blog who holds a memorial service for his ancestors everyday. What he told me about is like the following;

When his little son was running around in the house, he accidentally hit a table for the memorial service with a bowl for ash of incense sticks on it. The bowl fell on the floor and the ash spread all over the place.

The moment his father touched the ash, trying to gather it up, he was shocked by static electricity. It was so strong that he felt as if the electricity crawled up his arm. He made his son help him to gather up the ash, but he couldn’t touch the ash either because of the strong electricity. Not knowing what to do, he called his wife for help. She could dispose of the ash easily, feeling nothing.

This was interesting, I thought. I feel it was a phenomenon caused by spiritual magnetism, for spirits coming near to Tanzaku, a kind of memorial tablet made from paper, stay there for a while even after the memorial service is over and the incense sticks have burned out.

So, when you hold a memorial service for your ancestors every day, it’s advisable to keep Tanzaku or a memorial tablet as it is. If you have to put it away for some reason, it’s better to leave as it is for at least one hour after finishing the service because your ancestral spirits are staying there for a while in the form of spiritual magnetism.

Though the reader had not have any spiritual experience before the accident, he, touching the strong static electricity, realized that the effect of the memorial service was real.

His living environment improved greatly after he started holding memorial services for his ancestors. It’s interesting that his wife didn’t feel nothing when she touched the ash, while her eldest son, who had much to do with the spiritual line of his family line, felt the strong static electricity. Whether you can have such a spiritual response or not depends on the degree to which your body and mind are purified.

As you hold a memorial service for your ancestral spirits for the purpose of showing your gratitude for them every day, you’ll come to be protected by more and more ancestral spirits of yours. To change your destiny in the World of Reality, you need something of a spiritual revolution. Without it, your life are likely to be the same.

As long as you live, every one of you is influenced by various spiritual magnetism. You don’t necessarily have to hold the memorial service, but just keep in mind that it really matters in terms of your destiny whether or not you get rid of your spiritual handicap you take every day.

The spiritual effect of your ancestral spirits on your life is much stronger than that of holy spirits because your ancestral spirits are in the dimension near the World of Reality. Since holy spirits resides in much higher dimensions than the World of Reality, it is difficult for them to have direct influences on you.

Life is short. It’s a waste to live life with misgivings. Tty your best in everything you do, always keeping a positive mind!

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su