Transition from the Age of the Moon to that of the Sun

Those are strong who have realized how important it is to be grateful for the present situations. People have a tendency to look for something they don’t have and be anxious for it. They take what they already have for granted and think nothing of it. Single persons, for example, are apt to feel lonely, want sweethearts, want to get married, want their kids and so on. Married persons, on the other hand, tend to want to be alone.

Human desires are never satisfied. Everyone has this tendency. As long as you live in this World of Reality, it’s natural that you want one thing after another. Though married men tend to be attracted to another women, they should love and cherish their wives, as a matter of course.

Those spiritual waves are coming from the moon that make people discontent with what they have. Thanks to the effects of the moon, civilizations can be said to have developed to this day.

The past few thousand years are coming to an end when the moon have had a strong influence on human beings and it is about to enter into an idle period. People have to realize that the time that progress is made by a sense of discontent will soon be over. That is, the modern civilization that has developed enough to destroy the earth has reached a critical point.

Our civilizations will change into the ones that are developed by a sense of satisfaction toward the present situations. We are now in the time of transition from the age of the moon to that of the sun. Do not live your life in the way that goes against this force of the universe, or you will end up finding yourself suffering. Also, having faith in something other than your Inner God is going to make you suffer, such faith having been created by the spiritual waves from the moon. It’s very difficult for human beings to resist spiritual waves from planets.

It’s important to build an attitude of thankfulness toward the present situations, no matter how miserable they are, for this attitude is along the current of the gravitational or attractive force of the universe. Ride the waves, and you will be able to live better lives naturally. It makes a big difference in your life whether you know this information or not.

If you succeed in riding the waves, you can live your life much more smoothly because being grateful for your present situations enables spiritual waves from planets to back you up.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su