Pay Heed to Agricultural Chemicals

My favorite fruit is peach. I like all kinds of fruits, but especially I love peach. When the season of peaches comes around, I often ask my wife to buy some peaches. She says to me “Again? Peaches are expensive these days!”

When I tried to eat a peach the other day, the skin was still a little bit hard. I had difficulty peeling the peach. As I wanted to eat it soon, I bit into the apple in the skin and puked the skin naughtily.

About one hour after eating it, I had loose bowels. The peach gave me diarrhea. Fortunately, I recovered quickly and thought it was due to some fast-acting agricultural chemical. The next day, I was able to peel a peach easily and it gave me no diarrhea. However, when I bit into another peach in the skin in the evening on that day, I had diarrhea in thirty minutes though I washed the peach well with water.

On another day, an acquaintance of mine told me that when he ate grapes, his lip got swollen. What if the skins of the grapes go through the esophagus? It might bleed.

Now is the time a piece of information can be crucial. I’ve suggested in this blog over and over that one of the reasons why I began to store a lot of brown rice is problems of agricultural chemicals. According to a message I received from my Kenzoku-shin, more and more people will have abnormal bleeding of the anus because of contaminated food.

  1. If you should eat contaminated food, symptoms will appear very quickly, which means that it’s easy to determine the cause of the symptom. You can avoid it the next time.
  2. The symptom doesn’t last long. Once the ingredient causing the symptom is discharged, you can recover soon.

In this case, drinking hot water can make you get better. Since agricultural chemicals are soluble in water, they will resolve in hot water easily. Also, it’s better to wash vegetables or fruits well with water or hot water before eating them. You’d better avoid eating their skins.

I feel that the present agricultural chemicals are not the same as those of the past. If you’re a farmer, stating what kind of chemicals you use will serve as good publicity for your produce. Be conscious of agricultural chemicals you use as well as productivity.

I feel that the symptoms of this kind, such as abnormal bleeding due to chemicals, have much to do with immune depression of human beings caused by electromagnetic waves from the sun. A divine revelation I received says that as long as your physical and spiritual bodies are clean and pure, the spiritual waves will pass through you without doing any harm to you.

The worst thing to cause you problems is your spiritual body being magnetized by another person’s spiritual magnetism, or spiritual dirt. It’s crucial to whether or not you keep your original magnetism.

Drink hot water every day. And hold a memorial service for your ancestral spirits and express gratitude toward them and God.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su