Appeasing Ancestral Spirits Improves Illness Caused by Spiritual Problems

As my family had asked me to take them somewhere during holidays, I was thinking about a place we could visit on a day trip, when I got a vision of the line connecting Ise(伊勢)and Mt. Hakusan(白山) on the map. I felt that by going to Mt. Hakusan first through Meishin Expressway, Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway and Hokuriku Expressway and then to Ise, I would receive the spiritual waves of the line between Ise and Mt. Hakusan.

Service areas on highways are great these days, where you can eat or buy local products or enjoy eating and drinking at famous bread and coffee shops. Though I had wanted to just drive on the expressways for a long time, my family disagreed to my plan, so I decided to visit an outlet mall in Gifu prefecture first. On the way, there was traffic congestion on the opposite lane.

We spent half a day at the mall and I bought an earthenware pot with double lid for brown rice, which I had always wanted to buy. My family members were all satisfied to spend the time there. And we went on the long driving trip again.

I had a Wifi router with me so that I could use the Internet anywhere. Its capability was better than I had imagined. I could check websites speedly even in a deep mountain as if I were using the Internet at home. The Internet speed was faster than that of my hotel room in Ise I stayed at.

While I was at the wheel, my wife read aloud comments from readers of this blog and posted them in this blog for me. I could perceive the readers’ feelings and backgrounds all the better because I concentrated on driving.

What impressed me most in reading the comments is that by holding a memorial service for ancestral spirits every day in the right way, illnesses, as long as they are due to spiritual problems, can improve dramatically.

However, most of the illnesses people suffer are not due to spiritual problems. They are just actual illnesses about which you should go to see a doctor.

* To hold memorial services for your ancestral spirits with gratitude for them is both to cleanse the origin of your life and to express your gratitude toward Inner God, or God in yourself, that helped you with your birth.

On the contrary,

  1. To have someone other than you hold a memorial service for your ancestors in exchange for money is to break your spiritual line connecting you to your ancestral spirits. Only descendants are allowed to hold memorial services for their ancestors. Do not ask others to do it for you.
  2. Spiritual beings behind religious groups bind their believers spiritually because such groups want the believers to come repeatedly to them so that they can make money.

If you should be in such a situation, you will repeat the cycle of falling ill suddenly and getting better soon and fall a prey to the religious group after all. You will end up losing most of your money and having your soul hurt. Such religious groups don’t want you to be happy and free in the true sense and leave them for good.

This is also true of psychics who use their spiritual ability to earn a living. They themselves will end up falling victims to evil spirits because of their ignorance of the spiritual principle.

If you want to save your ancestral spirits in pain and express your gratitude toward God, you don’t need anyone but you. Good deeds of your own doing will give you the true sense of security.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su