Japan-Where the Spirit of Language Brings Happiness

This country Yamato is the one where the spirit of language brings happiness.ー Manyoshu, Collection of Thousand Leaves

It has been said since ancient times that Japan is the country where the power of language brings happiness. Language the people speak has a strong effect on the present and the future. Why so?

One of the reasons is that the Japanese language is made mainly of vowel sounds, which you can keep uttering for a while.Vowel sounds you utter from the abdomen travel through space very well. Vowels sounds are like the mother that creates something. I feel that the Japanese language influences spiritual bodies of creatures easily.

The second reason is that Japan is full of greenery. Any vacant land is covered with greenery very soon. You may think it’s a matter of course, but it’s not necessarily so in other countries. Plants, trees and water are important. Where they abound is where a lot of spirits of nature reside. I feel that vowel sounds resonate with spirits of nature very well. Kotodama, spirit of language, can gain over the spirits of nature all over Japan.

When you cut down a tree, you have to express your gratitude toward the tree in your own way. Say before cutting it, “I’m sorry, but I have to cut you down. I’m really sorry.” If possible, sprinkle some sake over the root of the tree with gratitude in mind before and after cutting it. Though the tree doesn’t drink sake, the tree receives the magnetism of your gratitude and consideration toward it.

The practice of preparing sake to express gratitude turns into the one that solace the tree in the other world. If you feel afraid of future troubles caused by cutting down a tree, sprinkle some sake and then seawater over the root of the tree before and after cutting it down.

In the same way, if you feel sorry for someone, you have to say sorry to the person face to face. Just telling yourself that you’re sorry is not enough.

In holding a memorial service for your ancestral spirits in the Ise-Hakusan-Dou method, you utter only appreciative words. This practice accumulates the magnetic energy of appreciative words in space every day. Without such a ceremony as a memorial service, you wouldn’t express gratitude toward your ancestors at all. Not to forget them, too, you need such a practice in everyday life.

In the country where the spirit of language brings happiness, the magnetic energy of gratitude you’ve accumulated in space will make your dreams come true.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


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