Focusing on “Now”

Many of the people living in the modern society want to know the reasons why things happened to them. Some, wanting to know the reason, visit psychics who charge huge amount of money, and end up in becoming repeaters and being smeared with spiritual dirt.

People are apt to regret what happened in the past and worry about the future. They pay attention only to the past and the future. They don’t know they’re wasting precious present time because of their concern about the past and the future. Spiritually speaking, what matters most is the present state of mind, because it determines the meaning of the past and makes up the future.

Unpleasant things happen in life because you’ve come into this world in order to experience them. So it’s no use trying to avoid them. However, you should avoid unnecessary experiences and you can do it if you’re on the alert for them. For example, if you belong to a bad religious group, you’re wasting your time and money. You can leave it on your own or avoid it from the beginning. Whether you’re involved in such a group or not determines your whole life.

It’s natural that you experience sad things, hardships and misfortunes. Human beings get antsy easily and are fragile in a way. This is why it’s important to do your best now. Those who do their best in life regarding their harsh reality as ascetic practices for development will find great happiness after all. Those are great who live their lives positively in spite of their anxiety.

Being grateful for the present situations, no matter how tough they are, will make the best future for you. People don’t know how to be grateful, so I’ll tell you what you should do.

* Remind yourself of how wonderful the present situations are where you can be alive and say to yourself “I’m grateful for being kept alive.”

* Hold a memorial serivice for your ancestral spirits and devote your gratitude to them, which is the safest and universal way to communicate with the other world.

To practice these will turn the hardships in the past into necessary lessons in life and make the future free of care.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


Four Things to Do During Your Journey of Life

A reader of this blog once said,

When I read that we have to hold a memorial service for our ancestors regularly, I thought doing it was something really special. But when I was given the reply, “If your memorial services have no effects on your ancestral spirits, you are sure to quit doing it. In other words, the fact that you keep doing it means that your memorial services do have effects on them,” I thought that holding a memorial service is like calling my parents living far away.

To be sure, it comforts my parents to keep in touch with them by calling them sometimes and ask them if they’re OK, how they’re doing or if something is wrong with them. If they are unresponsive to my call, I’ll stop calling them. So, being able to hold a memorial service every day proves that I’ve succeeded in communicating with my ancestors, right?

Many people, including me, seem to care too much about the way they hold it or their ancestors’ reactions. The parents who’ve got a call from their children must be happy just to have the call.

This explanation above accurately portrays the spiritual truth. Just holding a memorial service for your ancestors in your own way in your busy life does them good, but doing it with appreciative words for them to understand is much better.

However, even if my memorial services had no effect on my ancestors, I wouldn’t care, for I do it just because I want to. A memorial service for my ancestral spirits is like a dialogue between my conscience and I. The more you know the spiritual truth, the more you’ll realize the miracle of your having been born in this world and your present existence. Once you know the spiritual truth, you wouldn’t help being grateful for your ancestors who gave you a life.

Human beings have to be more conscious of the miracle of their parents having given them their lives. Many people take the miracle for granted and are always complaining about something. Some people have grudge against their parents or regret having been born due to their hardships. But they’ve just forgotten the truth that they themselves chose to be born in this world.

You’re on the journey called life, which has its beginning and end. On the way, you are to experience various challenges such as sex problems, getting old, falling ill and death. But remember that you yourself chose to face and arrange the challenges before you were born and set off on your journey.

During the journey,

  1. Help others who are related to you in terms of your karma.
  2. Be grateful toward your ancestral spirits, who gave you your life so that you could experience your journey.
  3. Show gratitude to your Kenzoku-shin and natural spirits, too.
  4. Be grateful toward God, who arranged the stage on which you can experience your journey.

If you put these into practice, you’ll overcome challenges more easily and come to be able to enjoy life. You can change your life for the better by making efforts. Your ancestral spirits have just finished their lives and know all about you. They can support you properly and strongly. The spiritual truth is that kenzokushin, natural spirits and God can’t give you direct personal support. Also, you have to know that there are spiritual beings who try to cajole you out of believing in your Inner God, squeezing money out of you, and forcefully terminate your life.

It is your ancestral spirits who are familiar with where gold is, where watering points are and the way you get food along the journey. But keep in mind that if you try to use them too dependent on them, they can leave you. As long as you’re grateful toward them, they can give you a hand. You’re in the middle of the journey. Are you enjoying it?

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su