How to Live with God

When people start their own business or have a new plan, some of them may visit a psychic or a reputable fortune teller for advice. They don’t know that visiting such a person itself can affect their new business or plan because it handicaps them spiritually.

Some may say “That’s not true. My business is successful now thanks to a piece of advice they gave me.” But, if they had made a choice on their own without any help from others, they would be much more successful now. Quite a few people have lost a lot of time, money and luck because of spiritual handicap.

Also, do not think much of such psychics or fortune tellers in a short time. More often than not, the final result will turn out to be the exact opposite. You have to know just getting involved in such spiritually filthy people affects your lifetime and health.

Spiritual gurus who earn their livings by receiving consulting fee, using spiritual methods, need repeaters. That is, they need others’ unhappiness, unstable state of mind and troubles. As they make money by using others’ misfortunes, they get more and more spiritual dirt.

Just getting in touch with such a spiritual guru spiritually contaminates you and causes you another serious problem and you will end up in becoming a repeater who visits the guru over and over. Yes, you’re sure to fall a prey to the guru.

The gurus become richer and richer, while their clients become more and more miserable without being killed nor lived. For clients to become happy means that their gurus can’t earn enough money to live on.

In this World of Reality, it’s important how you make money, in other words, by what means you make up your physical body in terms of spiritual point of view. The money you get by deceiving people, the money by killing a man, the money by making people happy, the money by contributing to societyーthese are all the same money, but your look and life changes depending on how to make money, for the way you make money influences your spiritual body.

Once you receive money from the unfortunate in exchange for spiritual advice, you’re denied the help from the World of Gods. Spiritual dirt as filthy as dirty dust cloth is attached to your spiritual body. It’s impossible for you to notice it.

Do not mistake such spiritually filthy gurus for great teachers or stars. They are the farthest being from God. My Kanzokushins(眷属神) call them “things that send people down the garden path.” Kenzokushins regard them not as persons but as things. They treat them like objects. It is those who work with diligence that are the closest to God.

Also, it’s not true that your life is doomed due to your birthday. This World of Reality is not so simple, for your efforts bring about the help from the other world.

  1. Hold a memorial service with gratitude for the sake of your ancestral spirits every day.
  2. Have the religious faith of being grateful toward God.

Practicing these, do what you want according to your conscience, and your life will be led for the best by Inner God. This is called Kannagara(カンナガラ), or living with God.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


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