Utilitarian, Useful Religious Faith Leads to the Path of Evil

Family members are each an individual soul in the middle of an eternal journey. To improve your soul, it’s important what kind of faith you have. If you’re greedy, for example, you’ll be attracted to the faith that increases worldly desires. If you like to live alone, the faith that makes you lonely.

Or, if you’re fearful of Armageddon, you’ll be obsessed with a wrong religious group where the believers try to survive without saving other people. There is also a case that you choose not to have any religious faith.

Though there are various religious faiths, such a faith as fosters thoughtfulness and compassion for others is the nearest to God’s will. In this respect, considerate people with compassion for others are great even if they don’t have any religious faith.

In reality, however, people are sometimes too busy living their lives to have thoughtfulness or compassion for others. They know that having these is important, but they sometimes find it difficult to put them into practice.

The daily habit of your holding a thankful memorial service for ancestral spirits and preparing things, such as incense sticks or tea, for them fosters your thoughtfulness and compassion subconsciously. This is because the spiritual magnetism produced by the deed accumulates in space and this magnetism turns into energy that supports the doer. Anything that you do in the World of Reality returns to yourself.

Purifying the spiritual line of your family line has good effects on those around you as well as you. It’s up to you whether or not the deed becomes your habit. The habit of appeasing your ancestral spirits changes your life for the better. It’s up to you and your karma whether you can keep on doing it.

There have been a lot of gurus or psychics since a long time ago who assert that it’s no use holding memorial services for ancestors and that the faith in God is most important. No use holding memorial services for ancestors? I think it’s OK. I mean, I offer my gratitude toward my ancestors who gave me life just out of compassion. I expect nothing of them. Utilitarian or useful religious faiths with exchange conditions will lead you to the path of evil, misleading you.

The right kind of god, full of thoughtfulness and compassion, would come close to those who try to help the unfortunate, while leaving those who are always seeking personal gains. Once the right kind of god leaves you, a demon that devours greedy people’s souls will come close to you instead. You have to be careful about that, for once you’ve fallen into this situation your destiny and the destinies of those around you are affected very badly.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


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