Ancestral Spirits Live Happy When Descendants live happy

The other day, I saw a TV news where a total eclipse of the sun seen from Ioushima Island(硫黄島) was being broadcast live. A reporter in the program seemed to sense the drastic change of air. I thought his reaction was natural, for I saw a lot of spirits of soldiers killed in the war making a thick layer of spiritual bodies around the reporter.

The microphone held by the reporter was picking up strange noises affected by cries of spirits and magnetism of spiritual bodies. This experience will change his life greatly. He must have been convinced of the existence of the invisible world.

As the total eclipse of the sun was over, I saw the spirits ascend toward Heaven in a group. The relief of the war victims had been Emperor Showa’s long-cherished wish. His wish was realized at last, I thought. At the same time as the time of the end of the total eclipse, the air in my room also changed spiritually. Emperor Showa’s soul will go to the World of Gods to rest in peace after making sure of the future of his grandson.

During the war, his emotional support was his father Emperor Meiji and Ise Grand Shrine. When young, he was helped by his father many times. I can see in my spiritual vision that every time he thought of suicide during the war when he was under too much stress caused by his great responsibility, Emperor Meiji appeared in his dream and watched him silent, which seem to have stopped him from committing suicide.

Grandchildren are very precious to grandparents. This is because three generations complete the cycle of genes. Grandparents see their compilation in their grandchildren.

All’s well that ends well. When you live happy in the present time, your ancestors in the past can live happy, too. As you live happy with a clear conscience, no matter whether you’re poor or sick, you will come to realize that your soul never dies and lives forever.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


Adultery Ruins Children’s Lives

When Izanagi(イザナギ) and Izanami (イザナミ)were fighting against each other fiercely on the road of Hirasaka(比良坂) of the Underworld, their daughter Kukurihime-kami(ククリヒメ神) appeared from nowhere and whispered to them “Children of the future are waiting.” The truth of this myth is that as the representative of gods of the future, Amaterasu-o-ho-mi-kami(天照太御神) transformed herself into Kukurihime-kami. Children that would be born in the future went back to the past and changed the behavior of their parents. The same kind of things happen in the modern world, too.

Imagine a married man with a daughter is having an affair. She doesn’t know what his father is doing, but her ancestral spirit and Inner God know what is going on. If the adultery is revealed, her family relationship will be cold and her parents can get divorced. Once her parents get divorced, her life cannot help but be changed greatly. She could be forced to move to another place, change schools or give up going on to a college to get a job.

Adultery of satisfying sexual desire greatly change the child’s future. In such a case, an ancestral spirit of the child can turn itself into a living spirit and possess the mistress to stop her from seeing the father. Then, a spiritual fight begins between the living spirit and that of the woman and as a result the man and the woman come to be mentally tired. It often happens that the living spirit of the child stands near the father sadly. The spirit can appear in a spirit photography.

When I look at a housewife who is seeing another man, I find that she is possessed with living spirits of her child, husband, the man’s children and wife. Housewives who are strongly protected by their ancestral spirits rarely have an affair. This World of Reality is where the will of human beings plays an important role.

If you can’t stop having an affair for the sake of meeting your sexual desire and the adultery begins to affect the future of your children, ancestral spirits of both the other person and you begin to get angry and it is possible that the other person’s ancestral spirits, trying to protect his/her offsprings, make you fall ill. They know that such a deed will result in their going to the Hell, though.

I know some cases where an ancestral spirit or a living spirit killed a manstress or mistress in a car crash. Adultery ruins a lot of people’s lives and makes even the ancestral spirits go to hell. Spiritual damage that persons committing adultery suffer is so huge that they are sure to meet with misfortunes, such as illness, and lose good fortune in life. If their sin is not remitted in the present life, they will have to suffer severe punishment after death.

You may think that having an affair is no problem unless it is revealed or that everyone is doing it. But the fact is what you’re doing is leaked outright to spirits in the other world. Your adultery and the look of your families in pain are projected onto, and recorded in, a big screen in the spirit world. You’re to see the record after you die. Do not commit adultery.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


Once Your Spiritual Line is Cut by an Evil Spirit, You Become Like a Robot

We owe our existence in the present to huge numbers of ancestors who lived in the past. It seems like we are on the edge of a rope and the rope is invisible though it does exist.

We are on one edge of the rope, but what is on the other edge? – God. It produced us human beings. We, our ancestral spirits and God are connected to one another. By holding memorial services for our ancestors, we can be connected to God.

However, you have to remember that God is not outside yourself, but inside. You, your ancestors and Inner God are connected to one another like a circle of circulation. This circle is like spiral and reaches God, the Primordial Being. This is why ancestral spirits as the medium that connects you and God are important.

Once a spiritual line between you and your ancestral spirits is cut by an evil spirit, you become like a robot controlled by the spirit. Religious organizations and psychics that evil spirits control try to deny the importance of memorial services for ancestral spirits and cut the spiritual lines connecting believers to their ancestral spirits because such spiritual groups or psychics want to squeeze money out of their believers, controlling them.

In the ancient Europe, there was a certain association of people, who monopolized all rights of stone material for buildings. They learned the spiritual secretーthe importance of ancestral spiritsー and practiced magic to exploit the masses. They propagated the faith in Outer God, not ancestral spirits and became an aristocracy ruling over the people. They make much of their family emblem that symbolizes their spiritual line.

Family emblems functions as a kind of memorial service and are like a spiritual medium. Forms or crests produce much stronger, spiritual effects than incantation. Holding a family crest in high esteem itself is a kind of memorial service for ancestors.

The old aristocracy in Europe, the hidden rulers of the world, have ruled this monetary society behind the scenes to this day. They have made people in the United States have faith that lucks ancestor worship, ruling the country. Shintoism in Japan has also been separated from, and robbed of, ancestor worship since the end of the War.

There have been offensive and defensive battles on the global level since ancient times between gods trying to keep the circulation of life and evil spirits trying to cut it to eat people’s souls. The battles have been projected onto various cultures all over the world. It seems that the battles are essential to biological evolution on this planet.

As you are connected to God through memorial services for your ancestral spirits, you’ll come to have spiritual awareness in your daily life and begin to “wake up.” Worshipping gods and ancestors is really important.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


Spiritual Handicaps Destabilize Your Mind

It seems that the number of unpleasant crimes has been increasing these days, such as destroying public toilets in parks or breaking windows of cars on residential streets at midnight. With the Japanese economy heading for recession, more and more people seem to be becoming mentally ill.

Evil spirits loving destruction come close to those who are anxious to destroy things. Such destructive people will be destroyed by the evil spirits in the end, though. The law of attraction that two of a kind attract each other has been more and more valid recently. This law appears to be harsh, but it’s a very fair one in fact.

You can accumulate positive magnetism by holding a memorial service for your ancestral spirits every day and reminding yourself of gratitude for your present situations. Even if you have a bad or ill feeling in your daily life, the positive magnetism offsets it and the remaining magnetism makes up your aura.

The surplus positive magnetism allows you to keep conscience and live your life positively, however hard your life is. In short, by accumulating positive magnetism can you make good a bad situation easily.

The problem is that there are a lot of things in this World of Reality that prevent you from accumulating positive magnetism like:

* evil religious organizations whose members are obliged to pay money

* evil psychics, spiritual healers, fortune tellers, feng shui practitioners

* bogus crystal balls, spiritual objects, ‘space power’ and so on

These things mentioned above destroy or impede your own original magnetism. Because the magnetism of these objects or power is not yours, it offsets your positive magnetism and causes a leak of it, wasting your positive energy. You’ll end up making the evil person or group rich.

Getting involved with such an evil person or group itself causes you a spiritual handicap. Some people may assert that a good thing happened to them thanks to a certain spiritual person, group or object. But the truth is the good thing happened because of their efforts and thanks to their ancestral spirits.

If you should have a good thing happen to you due to an evil spirit of the World of the Dead, you have to know that the spirit will surely claim something important to you in return. Without the spiritual handicap or debt, your life would have turned for the better much earlier.

Life is long. A temporary luck can change into a bad one. Spiritual handicaps destabilize your mind. You’ll realize, when you’re about to die, that such a wrong kind of spiritual things or faith is quite useless.

As long as you practice holding memorial services for your ancestors and having gratitude for gods, you’ll be imperturbable when you die. It’s important that you be grateful for being kept alive, which attitude will change your life for the better naturally.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


Wrong Religious Faith Turns a Spiritual Handicap

There was a sage in the modern India, Ramakrishna. As a child, he came to believe in Kali, a goddess of India called Black Fiend and a symbol of massacre and destruction. It is said that she loves massacre, kills people by deadly curse, seeks for blood and eats dead bodies.

When a god is propagated whose spiritual body is full of energy strong enough to realize people’s personal wishes, it is apt to be worshiped by people even if it is a fiend. It realizes people’s wishes, like a wish for money, health and so on. However, such gods never fail to give an exchange condition to the person wishing for something. Once the person’s wish is realized, something precious to the person will be lost in the end.

Kali is declared to be a fiend, which I think is fairer than “gods” worshipped by Japanese new religions but in fact nothing more than evil spirits. Kali claims bleeding victims. I feel that such victims were in fact the people of the lowest group in the caste system a long, long time ago.

What did Ramakrishna ask Kali for? He asked Kali to let him see God. He managed to reach upper-level gods through the faith in the fiend and finally could be resonant with a nameless spiritual body full of mother’s love, the Primordial God.

You might think “Is it possible to reach God through any faith, including the faith in an evil spirit?” My answer is “almost impossible.”

Ramakrishna was a very pure, innocent man and a genius with great spirituality. Abandoning all worldly desires and seeking for the truth, he managed to realize his wish. He didn’t have any worldly happiness that normal people want. He passed away due to cancer at the age of fifty.

It might be possible that you have your wish come true by believing in something strange such as a fiend thanks to its spiritual magnetism, but it is very risky and your later life would be ruined or your life would be shortened after all.

Ramakrishna’s soul is in the World of God now, but didn’t melt into the common consciousness of human beings like Ramana Maharshi did, another Indian sage. Maharshi had faith in the nature, especially the spirit of a mountain, and believed in his Inner God.

It’s not impossible for an ordinary person to develop a merciful heart as a member of a religious group controlled by an evil spirit belonging to the World of the Dead. However, since negative spiritual magnetism of the spirit has been attached to its believers, they are likely to be dependent, burdened down with worries. Therefore, it’s very difficult for members of a cult group to have peace of mind. They will end up falling a prey to the evil spirit. I wish they would believe in God inside themselves.

True, pure and innocent religious faith doesn’t make you waste your money nor obey strict rules. The purest faith is the faith in your Inner God. You have to realize that you’re always with God even in a busy life. Try to observe the movement of your mind, and a feeling of irritation will begin to decrease.

Amaterasu-o-ho-mi-kami(天照太御神) and Kunitokotachi-o-kami (国常立大神)are gods who have the greatest influence on people living in Japan. The faith of being conscious of your Inner God with gratitude towards these gods makes your life better both materially and spiritually.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su