Wrong Religious Faith Turns a Spiritual Handicap

There was a sage in the modern India, Ramakrishna. As a child, he came to believe in Kali, a goddess of India called Black Fiend and a symbol of massacre and destruction. It is said that she loves massacre, kills people by deadly curse, seeks for blood and eats dead bodies.

When a god is propagated whose spiritual body is full of energy strong enough to realize people’s personal wishes, it is apt to be worshiped by people even if it is a fiend. It realizes people’s wishes, like a wish for money, health and so on. However, such gods never fail to give an exchange condition to the person wishing for something. Once the person’s wish is realized, something precious to the person will be lost in the end.

Kali is declared to be a fiend, which I think is fairer than “gods” worshipped by Japanese new religions but in fact nothing more than evil spirits. Kali claims bleeding victims. I feel that such victims were in fact the people of the lowest group in the caste system a long, long time ago.

What did Ramakrishna ask Kali for? He asked Kali to let him see God. He managed to reach upper-level gods through the faith in the fiend and finally could be resonant with a nameless spiritual body full of mother’s love, the Primordial God.

You might think “Is it possible to reach God through any faith, including the faith in an evil spirit?” My answer is “almost impossible.”

Ramakrishna was a very pure, innocent man and a genius with great spirituality. Abandoning all worldly desires and seeking for the truth, he managed to realize his wish. He didn’t have any worldly happiness that normal people want. He passed away due to cancer at the age of fifty.

It might be possible that you have your wish come true by believing in something strange such as a fiend thanks to its spiritual magnetism, but it is very risky and your later life would be ruined or your life would be shortened after all.

Ramakrishna’s soul is in the World of God now, but didn’t melt into the common consciousness of human beings like Ramana Maharshi did, another Indian sage. Maharshi had faith in the nature, especially the spirit of a mountain, and believed in his Inner God.

It’s not impossible for an ordinary person to develop a merciful heart as a member of a religious group controlled by an evil spirit belonging to the World of the Dead. However, since negative spiritual magnetism of the spirit has been attached to its believers, they are likely to be dependent, burdened down with worries. Therefore, it’s very difficult for members of a cult group to have peace of mind. They will end up falling a prey to the evil spirit. I wish they would believe in God inside themselves.

True, pure and innocent religious faith doesn’t make you waste your money nor obey strict rules. The purest faith is the faith in your Inner God. You have to realize that you’re always with God even in a busy life. Try to observe the movement of your mind, and a feeling of irritation will begin to decrease.

Amaterasu-o-ho-mi-kami(天照太御神) and Kunitokotachi-o-kami (国常立大神)are gods who have the greatest influence on people living in Japan. The faith of being conscious of your Inner God with gratitude towards these gods makes your life better both materially and spiritually.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su