Spiritual Handicaps Destabilize Your Mind

It seems that the number of unpleasant crimes has been increasing these days, such as destroying public toilets in parks or breaking windows of cars on residential streets at midnight. With the Japanese economy heading for recession, more and more people seem to be becoming mentally ill.

Evil spirits loving destruction come close to those who are anxious to destroy things. Such destructive people will be destroyed by the evil spirits in the end, though. The law of attraction that two of a kind attract each other has been more and more valid recently. This law appears to be harsh, but it’s a very fair one in fact.

You can accumulate positive magnetism by holding a memorial service for your ancestral spirits every day and reminding yourself of gratitude for your present situations. Even if you have a bad or ill feeling in your daily life, the positive magnetism offsets it and the remaining magnetism makes up your aura.

The surplus positive magnetism allows you to keep conscience and live your life positively, however hard your life is. In short, by accumulating positive magnetism can you make good a bad situation easily.

The problem is that there are a lot of things in this World of Reality that prevent you from accumulating positive magnetism like:

* evil religious organizations whose members are obliged to pay money

* evil psychics, spiritual healers, fortune tellers, feng shui practitioners

* bogus crystal balls, spiritual objects, ‘space power’ and so on

These things mentioned above destroy or impede your own original magnetism. Because the magnetism of these objects or power is not yours, it offsets your positive magnetism and causes a leak of it, wasting your positive energy. You’ll end up making the evil person or group rich.

Getting involved with such an evil person or group itself causes you a spiritual handicap. Some people may assert that a good thing happened to them thanks to a certain spiritual person, group or object. But the truth is the good thing happened because of their efforts and thanks to their ancestral spirits.

If you should have a good thing happen to you due to an evil spirit of the World of the Dead, you have to know that the spirit will surely claim something important to you in return. Without the spiritual handicap or debt, your life would have turned for the better much earlier.

Life is long. A temporary luck can change into a bad one. Spiritual handicaps destabilize your mind. You’ll realize, when you’re about to die, that such a wrong kind of spiritual things or faith is quite useless.

As long as you practice holding memorial services for your ancestors and having gratitude for gods, you’ll be imperturbable when you die. It’s important that you be grateful for being kept alive, which attitude will change your life for the better naturally.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


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