Once Your Spiritual Line is Cut by an Evil Spirit, You Become Like a Robot

We owe our existence in the present to huge numbers of ancestors who lived in the past. It seems like we are on the edge of a rope and the rope is invisible though it does exist.

We are on one edge of the rope, but what is on the other edge? – God. It produced us human beings. We, our ancestral spirits and God are connected to one another. By holding memorial services for our ancestors, we can be connected to God.

However, you have to remember that God is not outside yourself, but inside. You, your ancestors and Inner God are connected to one another like a circle of circulation. This circle is like spiral and reaches God, the Primordial Being. This is why ancestral spirits as the medium that connects you and God are important.

Once a spiritual line between you and your ancestral spirits is cut by an evil spirit, you become like a robot controlled by the spirit. Religious organizations and psychics that evil spirits control try to deny the importance of memorial services for ancestral spirits and cut the spiritual lines connecting believers to their ancestral spirits because such spiritual groups or psychics want to squeeze money out of their believers, controlling them.

In the ancient Europe, there was a certain association of people, who monopolized all rights of stone material for buildings. They learned the spiritual secretーthe importance of ancestral spiritsー and practiced magic to exploit the masses. They propagated the faith in Outer God, not ancestral spirits and became an aristocracy ruling over the people. They make much of their family emblem that symbolizes their spiritual line.

Family emblems functions as a kind of memorial service and are like a spiritual medium. Forms or crests produce much stronger, spiritual effects than incantation. Holding a family crest in high esteem itself is a kind of memorial service for ancestors.

The old aristocracy in Europe, the hidden rulers of the world, have ruled this monetary society behind the scenes to this day. They have made people in the United States have faith that lucks ancestor worship, ruling the country. Shintoism in Japan has also been separated from, and robbed of, ancestor worship since the end of the War.

There have been offensive and defensive battles on the global level since ancient times between gods trying to keep the circulation of life and evil spirits trying to cut it to eat people’s souls. The battles have been projected onto various cultures all over the world. It seems that the battles are essential to biological evolution on this planet.

As you are connected to God through memorial services for your ancestral spirits, you’ll come to have spiritual awareness in your daily life and begin to “wake up.” Worshipping gods and ancestors is really important.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


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