It’s Energy of Gratitude and Ancestral Spirits that Save You

People live worried about something, for they’re not sure about the future. But thanks to the anxiety, they can make efforts every day.

There are some people, trying to know their future so as to feel relieved, who visit a religious group, a psychic or a fortune teller. However, since they come to slight their important housework job, health checkup or medical treatment gradually, they will find themselves having lost a lot of time and money and gotten into new trouble. All they have to do is just do what they have to do, after all.

Well, is there a strange, sacred power that helps you to do things? Yes, there is. It’s the energy of gratitude that you accumulate by having the right faith, or being grateful for your ancestors and your present situations. When you’re in trouble, the energy works unconsciously together with the help of your ancestral spirits.

God never shows favoritism. It regards the whole human beings as one entity , so it doesn’t pay attention to each person’s desires. It is shameful that many people and bad religious groups try to make God do something in favor of themselves, which is blasphemy. Such a selfish pray will have an adverse effect on them.

Also, right deities never save your ancestral spirits or spirits in agony in exchange for money. Bad psychics threat their clients by saying “Your ancestors are suffering,” ” Your problem is due to spirits” and recommend them to pay for an expensive memorial service. Can’t the poor hold a memorial service for their ancestors? It is clear that such a service has nothing to do with the right kind of deities. To pay a lot of money to bad guys who use God only makes them rich and fat.

To survive this tough world, it’s best to make efforts working on practical problems and to accumulate magnetism of gratitude in the invisible world. If you do this continuously, your future will change for the better. It’s you that help yourself just like “God helps those who help themselves.” God doesn’t pay any attention to personal desires, but helps people who try to live, for it’s God that has control over all living things.

In this world of Reality, you cannot see the future and it makes you uneasy. But this is the reason you can train yourself very well. If you lived in a world where you can see the future, you couldn’t develop or evolve at all.

Any trouble happening in this world will come to an end without exception. The grace of God lies in this fact. Now is the time when souls of people making efforts positively even in difficulties evolve dramatically, so that human beings will separate into two groups: those who evolve and those who degenerate.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su