Making Efforts in the Dark Makes Your Soul Develop

You might think that living in this World of Reality is really tough. But it is not true, for everything is not accidental but has its own meaning. Since you don’t know its meaning or reason, you are apt to think that life is tough and harsh.

Everything happens as a result of some cause. Each family, whose members share the same spiritual line of their family line, is affected by other dimensions.

For example, a boss who has been distressing a lot of subordinates and people around him receives a negative energy of grudge from them. Any deed against his conscience, or Inner God, no matter what reason he has or what situations he is in, is sure to cause himself the negative energy, . It is possible that he will fall ill, have an accident or be distressed by another.

If the boss has a son, the son can commit violent acts against him when the boss gets old. Or his wife can be hard on him and abandon him in his old age. This is because there is a kind of karma, a balance sheet of cause and effect, among family members. If karma is not offset in the present life, it is carried over to the other world. Causes and its consequences have a very complex interrelation because the cause of a consequence happening now is not always due to a cause in the present life.

But you don’t need to worry, trying to know the reason or cause of a thing. If you’re worried too much, you may fall a prey to a bogus psychic or a bad religious group that squeeze money from you, adding to your bad karma. To get involved in such a person or group makes you lose a chance of sublimating your karma. Also, trying to know your previous life can revive your bad karma that would otherwise have been sublimated, making it your another mental burden.

Accept your present situations as they are. Everything, good or bad, has its own meaning. As long as you think “I could bear it if I knew the reason,” you cannot sublimate your bad karma. Making efforts even in the dark makes your soul grow up. Not being allowed to know the reason itself is important and has some meaning.

After you die, you’re to know all the currents of causes and consequences. In the other world, anyone will be convinced of the meaning of everything that happened in the past and strongly regret what they did.

When you come to an end with gratitude toward everything that happened to you, a great sublimation will occur. The words that offset your bad karma and improve your future are:

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su