Do Not Use God!

Many people mistakenly assume that praying to God for others’ health or world peace is a sacred thing. They think it’s good to pray for others, as long as not for themselves. But what I want them to realize that such a pray means trying to use God. Aren’t they trying to force God to do something?

If someone near you is sick in bed, you have to do something to help him/her first before praying to God. It’s advisable that you should be thankful for the sick person being kept alive after supporting the person.

Whether you are sick or unhappy now, you have to be grateful for being kept alive. As long as you try to use God, things won’t change for the better. You have to know that trying to use God itself is blasphemy. Mother nature, or God, is working hard to maintain this world where we live.

When you were born into this World of Reality, the karma you made in your previous life was balanced by the action of Ubusuna Kami, a local god of your birthplace. So once you are born, you don’t need to care about your previous life any more. What you are now is the result of the total of your own karma. All you have to do is do your best as long as you are alive, which is your mission in this World of Reality.

In this sense, it’s a foolish act to pray to God or a bogus cult figure in order to escape from reality without making efforts. If you are such a person, what were you born for? A “sacred” prayer to make God work for your own sake is far from it.

Imagine you work hard every day to get a small salary to provide for your children and they are always complaining to you ” I want more! I need you to work harder!” What would you think about them? Wouldn’t you feel sad? Wouldn’t you feel like leaving them? On the other hand, if your children are always thankful to you for working hard for them, you are sure to want to work harder. God would feel the same.

Too many people put pressure on God into working for them. It is the thankfulness of children (human beings) that makes parents (gods) feel happy. Direct the following words toward God, and everything will turn out all right ;

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


Light Exercise Gets Rid of the Spiritual Magnetism of Wandering Spirits

The other day, I was watching a TV program that featured a famous critic. He, over 70 now, makes it a rule to go up and down the stairs of a high-rise apartment he lived in. He used to take a walk for exercise, but since he was attacked by a ruffian, he has been doing the exercise of going up and down the stairs instead. The inside of his apartment is secured, so it’s a good idea, I think. What impressed me most is that he tries to keep healthy in spite of his old age. He might take more exercise than an average young man.

In the country, people move about by car and as a result they walk less often than people living in the city. When I stayed in a city where my office was located, I may have walked more than five times as long a distance as I do now. I walked a lot more every day though I went to office by train.

In the animal world, being unable to walk means death. people had better walk more so as to keep the strength of their legs as long as they can. I make a dash on a slope every day to get rid of my lack of exercise.

By the way, I called on an acquaintance of mine the other day and found a large treadmill in his living room. He told me that the machine weighed as much as 100 kg and it was the second one. He had owned another lightweight treadmill before, but as he got used to it he came to want a more powerful one.

He searched the Internet for a high-end treadmill and found a lot of expensive, large treadmills sold online. According to him, those treadmills are good ones whose speed is six kilometers per hour. I think treadmills are useful for the old. After checking a lot of treadmills he decided to buy the present treadmill sold in a mail shopping catalog. Its speed is ten kilometers per hour and cost him about fifty thousand yen.

I ran on his treadmill three times in all. The surface on which you run is very soft unlike the one of asphalt pavement roads, which is very important for the knee. Running on the road can hurt your knees and cause chronic gonalgia.

While you run on a treadmill, you should be conscious of the inside of your legs. The next day, I had a muscle ache where I hadn’t had it before. Muscles I couldn’t train just by walking on the road were trained due to the treadmill.

The only problem with a large treadmill is noise. There was a thick rubber sheet under the machine, but it was making a big noise because of its rotor and vibration. I thought I wanted to buy one, taking into consideration the membership fee of the sports gym and the danger of a car accident in running outside.

Walking or taking a light exercise can get rid of the spiritual magnetism of wandering spirits. Bad circulation causes your spiritual body to become impure. To drink hot water and take exercise makes your mind very stable. Well, in this way, it’s true that devoting yourself to your job with sweat on the forehead is the best.

Take exercise in your daily lives. Remember that you have rented your physical body from your ancestors. You must keep your body healthy in order to grow your mind.

Sitting all the time for mediation never makes your Inner God reveal itself. It’s essential that you keep both of your mind and body healthy. You don’t need any religious rituals or ascetic trainings to do it. Just as Buddha suggested, taking the golden mean – keeping balance in anything you do and never sticking to anything- is important in life.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su