Do Not Use God!

Many people mistakenly assume that praying to God for others’ health or world peace is a sacred thing. They think it’s good to pray for others, as long as not for themselves. But what I want them to realize that such a pray means trying to use God. Aren’t they trying to force God to do something?

If someone near you is sick in bed, you have to do something to help him/her first before praying to God. It’s advisable that you should be thankful for the sick person being kept alive after supporting the person.

Whether you are sick or unhappy now, you have to be grateful for being kept alive. As long as you try to use God, things won’t change for the better. You have to know that trying to use God itself is blasphemy. Mother nature, or God, is working hard to maintain this world where we live.

When you were born into this World of Reality, the karma you made in your previous life was balanced by the action of Ubusuna Kami, a local god of your birthplace. So once you are born, you don’t need to care about your previous life any more. What you are now is the result of the total of your own karma. All you have to do is do your best as long as you are alive, which is your mission in this World of Reality.

In this sense, it’s a foolish act to pray to God or a bogus cult figure in order to escape from reality without making efforts. If you are such a person, what were you born for? A “sacred” prayer to make God work for your own sake is far from it.

Imagine you work hard every day to get a small salary to provide for your children and they are always complaining to you ” I want more! I need you to work harder!” What would you think about them? Wouldn’t you feel sad? Wouldn’t you feel like leaving them? On the other hand, if your children are always thankful to you for working hard for them, you are sure to want to work harder. God would feel the same.

Too many people put pressure on God into working for them. It is the thankfulness of children (human beings) that makes parents (gods) feel happy. Direct the following words toward God, and everything will turn out all right ;

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


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