In holding a memorial service for ancestors or performing a ritual for God, it’s important that you be just grateful silently. You don’t need anything more than that and do not expect too much.

In this World of Reality full of temptations, it’s important for you to be grateful to something invisible, or ancestral spirits and gods, even for a few minutes in a day. This is the right kind of faith, through which your will is understood by God.

On the other hand, once you ask for something from the invisible world, your faith turns into a conditional faith that asks something from you in return. You may gain something due to it but you will lose something more important in exchange. With such a faith, sometimes you would dance with joy, and other times you would be discouraged over and over.You had better not have this kind of faith.

If you have a dream or goal you want to realize, you have to make efforts in this world, which is a rule or law God has established. No sooner do you try to use mysterious power to make your dreams come true than you’re connected to the world of evil, this is a system of this World of Reality.

To pray to God for something you want without making any efforts means you try to escape from this world God managed to create. Many religious “professionals” have had this catch.

Their faces have changed into the ones of snakes or foxes due to the possession of bad spirits and the number of such possessed professionals is large in this society. You have to be careful. As the spiritual light from the sun becomes more and more intense, they will begin to suffer and come to a bad end.

This world is a stage God has presented to you so that your soul can develop. Everything happening in this world, good or bad, is a gift for you.

All human beings have to die once, going to the next world. Only your heart, or soul, can move on to the next world. You have to leave behind your physical body, money or debts in this word. All you have will be gone.

Do not try to use God for this kind of material things that vanish. If you do it at all, it’s natural for you to incur divine punishment. God has managed to give you this wonderful stage where you can experience many things, good things or bad. This stage itself is inside God.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su