Evil Spirits Love Assemblies

There will be more and more evil gurus who hold seminars or a assemblies asserting that the end of the world or Ascension is near in order to make participants contribute money to them. Such gurus as make use of people’s good will and sense of fear are possessed with evil spirits whose feed is human souls.

They keep lining up nice words to hide their true intention. Those involved in such spiritual groups till the end of their lives will end up giving their souls and money to the evil spirits behind the groups. If a believer realizes what he or she is doing at some point in time, the believer can be saved, though.

In such religious assemblies, gurus say a strange prayer or shake hands with participants so that the participants can be marked. They gather people

・who want to survive a big change of dimension to come by making their souls higher without caring for others.

・who want to be saved depending on something spiritual

A Kenzokushin(眷属神), a kind of guardian spirit, says their souls will be easily eaten by the evil spirits.

Affected by the wave motion of the sun, such people will die mainly from immune function decrease. I feel that many evil spiritual leaders are suffering from a peculiar cancer or immune deficiency. I’m not saying that cancer in general is bad. There is another kind of spiritual cancer as a punishment by God.

The sin of gurus who sacrifice people to evil spirits is very serious. Their conscience will begin to destroy their own cells. It is not God who punishes such sinful people but their conscience.

The problem is, the gurus as agents of the evil spirits die hard though their souls have already been eaten. It’s like they’re wearing a costume of a guru. People with a spiritual mark tend to die sooner than their guru.

It is difficult for ordinary people with their families and jobs to attend a spiritual meeting or event held far away from home because it costs them a lot of time and money. The other family members must be troubled or distressed.

Human beings, who have God inside, don’t need to attend such a meeting at all. Once people get together, a hierarchy will form, the group will be organized, love affairs will happen and unnecessary goods will be sold. This is the same old pattern. The participants will accumulate bad karma by degrees, which will lose their important things.

I have never hold or will hold an assembly. Rather, I want you to go back to your family and have a relaxing time on holidays. Also, I don’t want readers of this blog to get together to visit shrines. I never recommend such a thing. If you want to visit a shrine, you should go by yourself or with your family or a friend.

You’re now existing in this World of Reality because the relationship between parents and children has never been broken since the genesis of human beings. True parents can be replaced with foster ones, but still you wouldn’t be here if it had not been for others’ help.

You are the representative for the eternal chain of human beings. If you begin to live with a thankful heart toward your ancestral spirits, your body will regenerate and be pure as if you were born again. This is the true Ascension and you won’t notice it.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

I am grateful for being kept alive.

“Ascension” is Nothing but a Trick for Gurus to Make Money

According to the son, the guru says that there will be “Ascention” in 2012 and most people will die and after the year the world will be the place where people don’t need to make money any longer. This is the same old trick for gurus to make their believers contribute a lot of money to the gurus.

The son added enthusiastically “He can get as much money as he wants by using a cosmic power and the group is managed with his own money out of good will.”

I declared that the guru was a liar and he would require his believers to contribute more and more money in some way, and then I dealt a spiritual blow to the evil spirit possessing him. He began to say “To be sure, he says money is nothing and he needs no money, but he requests the leaders of the group to contribute a lot of money to him as a fund. He promised that he will refund the money when a member leaves the group,though.” implying that it is an honor to be chosen as a leader by the guru. I said to him at once ” Didn’t you say the group costs nothing? Can’t he get money at will?”

What the guru is doing is a typical fraud scheme. And I explained about “Ascension”.

  1. “Ascension” is nothing more than a strange phenomenon that occurs just between a guru and his believers, which is far from a good thing.

What is called Ascension is a phenomenon where evil spirits come into this World of Reality to eat souls of the humans who fail to believe in their Inner God. He was very surprised to hear my explanation because he had thought that only the believers would survive 2012. But the truth is only they are to be destroyed first. As a blood transfusion of the wrong type of blood leads to death, the transfusion of a spiritual magnetism of another person into the body leads to death.

“Well, then, what about his miracle that cures a participant’s illness on the spot?” he asked.

2. An improvement of an illness caused by an evil spirit leads to the shortening of life.

Suppose there is a man who has another 30 years till death. By joining a cult and having to do with the guru, he may solve a present problem, but the truth is his lifespan is shortened instead. He has lost a lot, exchanging his life span for a temporal problem.

From now on, members of a cult religion will find it more and more difficult to reach 60. Even if they can be 60 years old, their bodies and surroundings will grow worse and worse.

Holding a bunch of pictures of the guru, the son said “I know what you’re saying, but the money is collected only from the leaders at lunch time during his seminar and it’s spent on lunches for participants…” I explained that eating together with a guru is an old ritual for a spiritual being possessing the guru to control those present.

By having a meal with a guru, it becomes easy for the guru’s spiritual magnetism to enter into the bodies of the participants. At this time, I was having an image of a lot of participants swarming around the guru after having lunch as if they were avid fans of a pop star.

Having a meal together, such as the Last Supper in Christianity or a Naorai (直会)in Shinto, is an important ritual to become one with a spiritual being. Evil spirits also make use of the ritual. Having a meal with a guru possessed with an evil spirit makes the possession of those present by the spirit much easier.

I dealt a second spiritual blow to the spirit secretly. Actually I wanted to cut the spirit in two quickly by transferring the holy energy of Susanoo(スサノオ) and uttering a certain sound, but I didn’t feel like doing it because I just met the son for the first time. If I had done this, he would have been surprised to see me.

No sooner had I destroyed the evil spirit without him noticing it than he threw away the bunch of pictures of the guru onto a table and said “Oh, I feel they are disgusting.” And he continued that when he knew about the group, he had a dream for two days on end, where he saw the guru with a tail, and that he thought of it as an evil spirit possessing himself and after he put away a picture of the guru’s face under the bed, he stopped having such a strange dream.

I explained that his ancestral spirits made him have the dream trying to have him come to his senses and leave the guru but that because of the existence of the picture, the power of his ancestors was blocked. Hearing my explanation, he returned to sanity and decided to cancel the guru’s seminar he was to attend the following day.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

I am grateful for being kept alive.