About this blog

The contents of this blog are translation of the Japanese book “Shinra-Banshou” meaning the universe, written by Ise-Hakusan dou.

Mr.Ise-HakusanDou is one of the best psychics and very famous among Japanese people seeking for truth.

In Japan his blog has long been ranked as no.1 blog in spiritual blog ranking sites, and this book is based on the contents of his daily blog post he’s been writing everyday for the past 7 years.

What is he like? We all never know. All we know is he is a Japanese man in his 40s, lives somewhere in the middle of Japan, and works for a company dealing in natural resources etc. We don’t know for sure who he really is. But, we all know that he is a man with an important mission and the very man we’ve been looking for.

The time has come.

3 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. I love your site. For me is very enlightening. I’m from Rio de Janeiro and study seicho no ie and sekai kyusei kyu izunome.
    The information about the new era is very strong in skk.


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