Memorial Services are not just for One Generation

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

A question a lot of married women reading this blog ask me is whether they can hold memorial services for ancestors by use of both their maiden name and their present family name while using the former at work. Now I’m going to answer the question from the following two points of view.

  1. Should memorial services for ancestors be held by use of only one family name?
  2. If memorial services are held by use of two family names, what kind of harmful effects are brought about?
  • ancestor 先祖
  • by use of A Aを用いて
  • maiden name 旧姓
  • harmful 有害な
  • effect 結果
  • bring about A Aを引き起こす

Regarding the question 1, if you’re married, you should hold memorial services by use of your present family name and the Tanzaku (a strip of Japanese paper) with the words “The Place For Ancestral Spirits of So and So Family” written on it should be put under your household shinto altar. By offering the third incense stick, you can console the ancestors of your previous family name as the spirits related to you, the practitioner of the service.

  • regarding A Aに関して
  • ancestral  先祖の
  • console 慰める
  • related 関係した
  • practitioner 実践者

The major reason for doing this is that for the future of your children, the next generation of your family line, it is better to clean and thicken the spiritual line of your husband’s family whose name they use from birth. If you do so, you won’t be worried over your children.

  • thicken 厚くする
  • generation 世代
  • from birth 生まれた時から

Should there be no successor of your previous family because of some karma, it can be said to be a fate in the current of the family. Though there is a counter-plan to prevent the family line from failing of having your child become a successor of your previous family as an adopted child, if you do this forcibly, various problems will happen to the child because of the karma that caused your previous family to head in such a direction. However, if the adoption of the child is smooth and successful, there’s no problem. It is not good to hold a memorial service for the sake of your generation alone. You have to take into consideration your descendants and those related to you as well.

  • fate 運命
  • current 流れ
  • adopted child 養子
  • forcibly 強制的に
  • head 向かう
  • direction 方向
  • take A into consideration Aを考慮に入れる
  • descendant 子孫

Regarding the question 2, as a husband and a wife come to stand as equals, they will have difficulty making mutual concessions even over trifle things and are likely to fight each other over and over again. Also, because they have their own spiritual lines each, the protection of spirits are separated. You will end up taking over bad karma from both families. Spiritually speaking, they look like men representing their own family line though they’re a couple.

  • mutual 相互の
  • concession 譲歩
  • trifle 些細な
  • be likely to~ 〜しそうである
  • represent 代表する

Under such circumstances, even if you start to hold memorial services for your ancestors, the effects will be down by half and bad effects of the karma will double and as the result you will cease to do it somehow. I feel that countries that the system of husband and wife retaining separate family names is adopted will have a high divorce rate. You can use your maiden name at work, but you should use your husband’s family name in holding memorial services if you want family happiness.

  • circumstance 状況
  • cease to~ 〜しなくなる
  • somehow どういうわけか
  • adopt 採用する
  • retain 保持する
  • divorce  離婚

There can be a case where a husband lives with his wife’s previous family, using his own family name. This is a little bit complicated. Unless he changes his family name to his wife’s, he will be apt to get a divorce from his wife sooner or later. But if he is patient and calm as a husband, there is an exception to it, of course. In this case, he should hold a memorial service offering three incense sticks after he did it in front of the family Buddhist altar at his wife’s house offering one incense stick.

  • complicated 複雑な
  • unless S+V SがVしない限り
  • get a divorce 離婚する
  • sooner or later 遅かれ早かれ
  • exception 例外
  • Buddhist altar 仏壇

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

With the Genuine Teachings, You Can Live Alone Positively

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

Human beings are sometimes fragile, thinking “Am I heading for the right direction?”,” There might be a better, different life from this one,” or ” I wonder if there is a secret to work a miracle.” And some people may try to make contact with a religious group an aquaintance recommends you (=unscrupulous religious groups for profit)or a weird person (=wicked psychics).

  • fragile 弱い
  • head for A Aに向かう
  • contact 連絡
  • unscrupulous 悪どい
  • profit 利益

No sooner do you think of making contact with such a group or person than you get caught in a spiritual trap, which can be said to be a karma of your own making. But there are two types of karma: a good karma and a bad karma. Many people have thought about making contact with them but if you are going to visit them, having spent a lot of time and money, it proves that you’ve already been connected to them spiritually. On visiting them, you’re sure to be deeply moved or impressed.

  • get caught 捕まる
  • trap 罠
  • be moved 感動する
  • be impressed 感銘を受ける

As soon as you begin to think of going to a place of such a group or person, a spiritual being behind the religious group or a psychic sends out a spiritual minion to possess you. Then you will feel like visiting the religious group. If a family or a friend of yours tries to persuade you from doing that, the minion will attack them spiritually. And when you arrive there,  the minion possessing you, often a fox spirit or a snake one, will emit magnetism full of joy due to the meeting with its boss.

  • minion  子分
  • possess 憑依する
  • feel like~ing 〜したい気がする
  • persuade A from ~ing Aが〜しないよう説得する
  • magnetism   時期

Affected by this spiritual magnetism, you will be deeply moved there though you don’t know why. You’ll be so if you hear an insignificant lecture by the group leader. You’ll be surprised at your just being impressed and think “This is what I’ve wanted!” This is an old spiritual contrivance and is self-provoked by a spirit controlling religious groups or fee-charging psychics from behind.

  • affect 影響する
  • assume 思い込む
  • contrivance 仕掛け
  • provoke 引き起こす
  • fee-charging 有料の

Keep in mind that the most important thing is the salvation of individual minds, not that of religious organizations or gurus.

● Even if you are moved by a great sermon, your ordinary lives will never change after you get home.

● Even if you meet a great psychic and encouraged by him/her, you’ll find yourself never being changed after you get home. You’re find yourself still emotionally unstable.

● Even if you read a good book and get impressed, your life will be the same after you close the book and look around you.

  • keep A in mind Aを心に留めておく
  • salvation 救い
  • sermon 説教
  • encourage 励ます
  • unstable 不安定な
  • look around 周りを見回す

What will remain after your experience a psychological lift temporarily by escaping from reality and your being stained a color different from yours? Unless you face up to your conscience (Inner God), there is no salvation of your soul nor happiness. Just like a lonely child waiting for his parents at home, your Inner God is waiting patiently for your ego wandering outside to be back. While you’re paying attention to the outside of yourself, your Inner God is waiting silently hoping that you’ll realize the truth soon.

  • remain 残る
  • lift 高揚感
  • temporarily 一時的に
  • stain 染める
  • face up to A Aと向き合う
  • conscience 良心
  • patiently 辛抱強く
  • as long as S+V SがVする限り

With genuine teachings and salvation, you can live alone positively.You don’t need expensive talisman nor spiritual products. The right teachings are available for all human beings for free like the sun and air. Strange, weird experiences are sure to be easy for you to get bored with. It is not until you get bored with them that you’ll realize how precious your family is. But while you’re covered with unnecessary spiritual magnetism, it is actually hard for you to realize this. I know from my long experience that in order to realize this early, it is best to direct your mind to your ancestral spirits, or your starting point of life.

  • genuine 本物の
  • positively 積極的に
  • talisman お守り
  • for free 無料で
  • get bored 飽きる
  • unnecessary 不必要な
  • magnetism 磁気
  • direct A to B AをBに向ける

Those who talk about God without doing anything for their ancestors won’t listen to me because they are bound with unnecessary spiritual magnetism. Such people will feel like criticizing Ise-Hakusan Dou somehow. There is nothing for it. As the negative magnetism surrounding themselves decreases, they will begin to see what is right. Holding memorial services for your ancestors is good for you, too, which will wake you up for sure.

  • be bound with A Aに縛られている
  • feel like ~ing 〜したい気がする
  • criticize 批判する
  • somehow どうにかして
  • decrease 減る

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

What Mother Teresa Wanted to Say


“Everything in this world is what happens between you and your Inner God, after all. Things have never happened between you and others.”―Mother Teresa

  • Inner God 内在神
  • after all 結局は
  • others 他人

Good words. She received much acclaim for her activities from all over the world while she was alive, which I think didn’t matter to her. Then why did she show up to get the prize? This was because she wanted the world to know the tragic reality of poverty.

  • receive 受ける
  • acclaim   称賛
  • activity   活動
  • alive 生きている
  • matter 重要である
  • show up 姿を現す
  • prize 賞
  • tragic 悲劇的な
  • poverty 貧困

What I feel from her picture is; “The most serious sin of human beings is indifference to others. Even in families, indifference has prevailed. This is the cause of family breakdown. If family breakdown increases in number, the country will be devastated. When a country is devastated, so are other countries. Then the whole earth will end up being devastated. All these things are caused by indifference among human beings. In the first place, pay more attention to your family. Go back home.”

  • sin 罪
  • indifference 無関心
  • prevail 蔓延した
  • family breakdown 家庭崩壊
  • increase 増える
  • devastate 荒廃させる
  • go to ruin 荒廃する
  • cause 引き起こす
  • in the first place まず第一に
  • pay attention to A Aに注意を払う

She must have felt that anything visible is what the Original God is projected onto, and human beings are one existence in a true sense. Spiritually speaking, there exists only one human being who has 6 billion characters. Even now.

  • visible 目に見える
  • project 投影する
  • existence 存在
  • in a true sense 真の意味で
  • character 性格

God and humans face each other one to one. You, living alone, are not lonely, are you? That poor man is you. That billionaire is you. That sick person is you. That gold medalist is you.

  • one to one 一対一で
  • lonely 孤独な
  • billionaire 億万長者

With even one unhappy person being somewhere else, the whole human beings can’t be really happy. Oh, you might think “No , I don’t think so. When I eat good food, only I can feel it is delicious. This is the reality.” Are you happy with it? You have to know real happiness. If you eat it together, don’t you feel it more delicious?

  • whole 全体の
  • delicious 美味しい

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます


Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Hell in peace and peace in Hell.


Some people say,”This world is like a hell.” To be sure, there is a hell in this world.  In a TV program, which I started to watch halfway through the program, there was an old man living alone. He was over 60 years old and used to have his own small company. He had a part time job and earned about 100000 yen a month. He managed to rent an apartment and lived by himself.

  • hell 地獄
  • to be sure 確かに
  • halfway 途中で
  • alone 独りで
  • part time job アルバイトの仕事
  • earn 稼ぐ
  • manage to~ なんとかして〜する
  • by oneself 一人で

One of his big problems was that if he should fall ill, he couldn’t have treatment because he had failed to pay his taxes. After paying for rent, food, and fuel and light expenses, he had nothing left. He had a tumor, which he had cut off before, beginning to get bigger again, but he didn’t go to hospital and had put up with it. Many private hospitals seem to reject a patient who has not paid his insurance. I think he should go to a hospital designated by the prefecture that he lives, which I think will accept such people. I’m not sure whether or not he can be accepted without reservation or he has to pay the cost of his treatment later, though.

  • fall ill 病気になる
  • treatment 治療
  • fail to~ 〜しない
  • tax 税金
  • fuel and light expenses 光熱費
  • tumor 腫瘍
  • put up with A Aに我慢する
  • reject 拒絶する
  • patient 患者
  • insurance 保険料
  • design 指定する
  • prefecture 県
  • whether or not S+V SがVするかどうか
  • without reservation 無条件に

Another story in the TV program was more miserable. A man died in his light vehicle with his stomach swollen because of ascites caused by terminal cancer. His boss of his part time job searched for him because he had been absent without due notice for a couple of days and found his employee’s dead body. He had been doing his part time job until the very last minute, enduring the acute pain of terminal cancer. He must have been so painful. The pain must have been so hard that he lost consciousness and passed away. He was homeless and stayed in his car and didn’t have his insurance card and were ignorant of a relief system. His boss whose face was stern was crying with tears in his eyes. The boss seemed to wonder to himself, facing a human’s death.

  • miserable 悲惨な
  • light vehicle 軽自動車
  • stomach お腹
  • swollen 膨らんだ
  • ascites 腹水
  • terminal cancer 末期癌
  • without due notice 無断で
  • employee 従業員
  • until the very last minute ぎりぎりまで
  • endure 耐える
  • acute pain 激しい痛み
  • painful 苦しい
  • consciousness 意識
  • pass away 亡くなる
  • ignorant 無知で
  • relief system 救済制度
  • stern いかめしい
  • tear 涙
  • wonder to oneself 自問自答する

By the way, on another TV program, I knew that people in a disputed region like Afghanistan live in a big family. Family members cannot afford to have rooms of their own, so they get together in a room and enjoy a meal laughing. Many of the men didn’t have his arm or leg. But both their children and the men were all smiling.

  • disputed region 紛争地域
  • cannot afford to~ 〜する余裕がない
  • both A and B AもBも

The Japanese who died in anguish in a peaceful city and the Afghan people whose life started in a hell from the beginning but who find pleasure in the hell. Which country is the true hell, Afghanistan or Japan? It is miserable that a man who knows what it is like to live in peace and clover should have a hellish experience by himself and die alone in anguish. It might be better that a man who only knows a hellish surroundings lives peacefully with his big family in a hell.

  • anguish 苦悶
  • from the beginning 始めから
  • pleasure 喜び
  • in clover 贅沢に
  • experience 経験

Many of the causes leading a human being to an unfortunate situation are often triggered by some trifle thing at first. If you are always aware of your being kept alive, you can nip some trouble in the bud. You can keep the bud small enough for you to control. It is important for human beings not to forget gratitude for the present situations where you are kept alive. You can find out happiness anywhere in the world no matter what, for everything in this world are all within God.

  • cause 原因
  • unfortunate 不運な
  • trigger 誘発する
  • trifle 些細な
  • aware 意識して
  • nip A in the bud Aの芽を摘む
  • …enough for A to~ Aが〜することができるくらい…
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • find out A Aを見つけ出す
  • ,for S+V というのもSはVするからです

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

FAQ 19


This is a little bit extreme case, but if a woman get pregnant as a result of adultery or rape and delivers a baby because of the delay of abortion or something, for what reason the spirit of the baby came into the fertilized egg?

  • a little bit 少し
  • extreme 極端な
  • get prangnent 妊娠する
  • adultery 不倫
  • deliver 産む
  • because of A Aのために
  • abortion 中絶
  • fertilized egg 受精卵


The spirit wanted to come into being despite such harsh circumstances and has a kind of debt of cause and effect it owed in the previous life. To be born under the difficult conditions acquits the debt in part. The same thing can be said of the woman. She has also some karma that she has such a baby. Now that the life of the baby has been left in her care by God, it is important for them to live strong to reach a happier goal than the start.

  • come into being 生まれる
  • despite A Aにもかかわらず
  • harsh 厳しい
  • circumstances 状況
  • debt 借金
  • cause and effect 因果
  • owe 負う
  • the previous life 前世
  • acquit 放免する
  • in part 部分的に
  • now that S+V 今やSはVするので
  • leave A in one’s care Aを預ける

FAQ 10


Why are the rules of holding a memorial service for ancestors so rigid? Some karma must have made us get married to each other. Why can’t we hold a memorial service for the ancestors of a husband and a wife equally at the same at the Buddhist altar? Both my parents’ family line and my husband’s one are important to me.

  • rigid 厳格な
  • get married to A Aと結婚する
  • at the same time 同時に
  • Buddhist altar 仏壇


Many of the spirits who need to be relieved by a memorial service for them are in anguish and in trouble. If you held a memorial service for ancestors of two family lines at the same time, the spirits of your parents’ family line would try, above all things, to protect their offspring, or  you. As a result, conjugal relations between you and your husband would go wrong. And, strange to say, you would come to worry about your parents more and more and in fact the  troubles about your parents’ home would increase.

  • relieved 安心した
  • in anguish 苦悩している
  • in trouble 困っている
  • try to~ ~しようとする
  • protect 守る
  • above all things 何にもまして
  • offspring 子孫
  • as a result 結果的に
  • conjugal relations 夫婦関係
  • go wrong おかしくなる
  • strange to say 奇妙なことに
  • come to~ ~するようになる
  • worry 心配する
  • in fact 実際
  • increase 増加する

The offsprings who hold memorial services for their ancestors are precious for them, so they try to secure them. One of the causes of divorce can be the wrong kind way of holding a memorial service. Once a woman get married, her spiritual line is also changed to the one of her husband’s family. To hold the service by using her husband’s family name and to direct your compassion to your parents’ ancestors in offering the third incense stick would lead you to your happiness. If you held a memorial service for the spirits of the two family lines at the same time, the spiritual lines would mix up and the effect would be lost.

  • precious 貴重な
  • secure 確保する
  • cause 原因
  • divorce  離婚
  • once S+V いったんSがVしたら
  • direct 向ける
  • compassion 憐れみ
  • incense stick 線香
  • lead A to B AをBに導く
  • be lost なくなる



With regard to the family home of my mother, I heard the people who takes care of their tombs have died out. I’m concerned about the ancestors of my mother’s family home, and I feel like holding a memorial service for them using another Tanzaku(短冊、a kind of memorial tablet made from paper). You would say that the third incense sticks offered would take care of them, but can I do it myself ? Because I’m anxious about it somehow.

  •  with regard to A Aに関して
  • family home 実家
  • die out 絶える
  • be concerned about A Aについて心配している
  • feel like~ing 〜したい気がする
  • be anxious about A Aについて案じている
  • somehow どういうわけか


You had better hold a memorial service with the surname you’re now using. It is not until you make your direct ancestors relieved and satisfied that you can save other spirits of your relatives. A family line which is to die out has its own karma. If you try to interfere with it forcibly, you may receive the reaction. The doom has been fixed over a long time, so no one can stop it and no one is to blame. So, you should relieve your ancestors first, and then other spirits of your relatives so that your family line the name of which you’re now using won’t die out.

  • had better~ 〜した方がよい
  • surname 氏名
  • It is not until S’+V’ that S+V
  • direct 直接の
  • be relieved 安堵する
  • be satisfied 満足する
  • save 救う
  • relative 親戚
  • interfere with A Aに干渉する
  • forcibly 無理に
  • reaction 反動
  • doom 不運
  • be to blame 責められるべき
  • so that S+V SがVするように