How Children Play with Clay Tells Their Future

There had been a spiritual disturbance happening for a week, starting from November 11, in the other worlds ranging from the World of Gods to the lowest dimensional world. Susanoo(スサノオ) seems to have brought down his short sword. He is likely to bring down his long sword at least three times next year.

  • disturbance 騒動
  • bring down A   Aを振り下ろす
  • at least 少なくとも

I feel that gurus or healers with spiritual dirt of the World of the Dead or those whose original magnetism is little are beginning to go through a tough time. However, those who show some negative reaction at this stage are better than those none in a sense, for their spiritual bodies are trying to adapt to the change.

  • dirt 垢
  • magnetism 磁気
  • go through A Aを経験する
  • reaction 反応
  • adapt 適応する

From next year on, electromagnetic waves and spiritual ones emitted from the sun will be much stronger. Those who do spiritual business for money may not show dangerous symptoms soon, but later they will be forced to have their bodies purified at a time. They won’t bear the pain.

  • electromagnetic wave 電磁波
  • emit 放出する
  • deal in A  Aを商う
  • symptom 兆候
  • force A to~  Aに〜するよう強いる
  • purify 浄化する
  • bear 耐える

Spiritual healings that healers do by using spiritual magnetism of human beings will do harm to human bodies in the long run, no matter how much their spiritual power seems to be good. Like blood transfusion, your own blood, or magnetism, is the best for your body. Being covered with your original spiritual magnetism is the shortest way to become one with the holy spirit your ancestors’ spiritual line leads to. The holy spirit is Ubusuna kami(産土神) or Ujigami(氏神).

  • harm 害
  • in the long run 結局は
  • blood transfusin 輸血
  • spiritual line 霊線

Those who try to turn to another’s spiritual magnetism for help will end up in wandering forever, never being able to have confidence in themselves because they are separated from their true identity, or Inner God. Keeping your own original magnetism is the key for everything. Do not let another’s magnetism contaminate you.

  • turn to A  Aに頼る
  • wander 迷う
  • confidence 自信
  • separate 分ける
  • contaminate 汚染する

Children playing with clay originally can concentrate on the play for hours. The abilities acquired at this time will help them to study or work for the rest of their lives. To say exaggeratedly, how children play with clay tells their future.

  • clay 粘土
  • originally 独自に
  • concentrate 集中する
  • acquire 獲得する

I feel that those children whose parents are too strict or lacking in love tend to create small works that have no character. They are likely to wait for a teacher’s direction without thinking or try to make the same kind of thing as a child next to him is making. This is true of adults,too. Some are always reading others’ facial expressions and too self-effacing.

  • strict 厳しい
  • lacking 不足して
  • tend to~ 〜する傾向がある
  • character 特徴
  • direction 指示
  • true 当てはまる
  • self-effacing 遠慮がちな

Many founders of companies seem to have original ideas and exercise their ingenuity. They are, as it were, something of an inventor. They wear their own original magnetism and have a strong faith in themselves. Negatively speaking, they may be narcissistic. They can concentrate on play or a hobby alone without getting bored. Their spirituality is not necessarily high, though.

  • founder 創業者
  • ingenuity 工夫
  • inventor 発明家
  • faith 信頼
  • get bored 飽きる
  • sprituality 霊性

Mentally wandering people don’t know what they want to do even when they have fun. They have nothing they can devote themselves to. If this continues, they can end up as preys to wicked spirits controlling religious groups that bind down their believers’ Inner God by detailed rules and give them orders. Such people may feel comfortable and safe by obeying the orders. But they will never get true peace of mind forever.

  • prey 餌食
  • bind down A Aを束縛する
  • detailed 細かい
  • obey 従う

Seeing people putting their heart to something or enjoying themselves is pleasant to see, which makes the seer happy too. To attract people, you have to enjoy yourself first.

  • pleasant 心地よい
  • attract 惹きつける

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.


The Shortest Way to Enlightenment is Near You

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

A very weird middle-aged man George Ivanovich Gurdjieff went on a long journey searching for the way for human beings to “awaken.” That is, he didn’t know his mystic method from the beginning. He had a strong will and intuition by nature. Convinced that there must be a hidden secret in this world, he set out on the journey.

  • middle-aged 中年の
  • awaken 覚醒する
  • mystic 秘宝の
  • intuition 直感
  • by nature 生まれつき
  • convince 確信させる

To continue his journey for the truth, he did anything. The episode is well known that he painted a sparrow yellow and sold it as a canary. In the middle of the journey, he took a hint that when human beings are put in an extreme situation, the door of a new consciousness of human beings is opened up. In order to make money for the journey and put himself  in an extreme situation, he thought of various hard work where he had to reach his quota.

  • sparrow すずめ
  • extreme 極端な
  • consciousness 意識
  • various 様々な
  • quota ノルマ

For example, he purchased a lot of old corsets for a low price, made some alterations on them and sold them at a much higher price pretending that they were the latest fashion. They sold very well partly because he put a lot of effort into the advertising, which was rare in those days. Different from ordinary people, he didn’t hire any person and made all of the corsets by himself without sleep or rest. He imposed the task on himself as a means of awakening. He kept on sitting eating little food and concentrated on the detailed work for a long time. He sometimes lost consciousness at the desk and fell asleep, but as soon as his consciousness came back he resumed the work.

  • purchase 購入する
  • alteration 改良
  • pretend 偽って主張する
  • the latest 最新の
  • advertising 広告
  • in those days 当時は
  • impose 課す
  • means 手段
  • concentrate 集中する
  • resume 再開する

Once he made a lot of money in this way and gained “something,” he abandoned his stable job and set out on another journey for the truth. Besides this episode, there are a lot of episodes of his hard work under harsh working conditions during his journey. He is definitely a man who gained “something” posteriori after all.

  • abandon 捨てる
  • besides A Aの他に
  • harsh 過酷な
  • definitely 間違いなく
  • posteriori 後天的に

In his late years, he said a lot of interesting things. Interpreting one of his remarks spiritually, I think he is saying like this:  “In super ancient times human beings were developed, created and raised by a certain “thing” and devices called Kunda-buffer for binding them up mentally and making them dream (which I feel is like a microchip) were attached to them so that they couldn’t escape and were controlled remotely by it from the moon.”

  • develop 開発する
  • device 装置
  • bind A up Aを縛り上げる
  • mentally 精神的に
  • attach くっつける
  • escape 逃げる
  • remotely 遠隔で

Gurdjieff suggests that this device is similar in nature to actions to tamper with a spiritual point on the backbone, such as meditation or yoga, or trainings for awakening Kundalini, and that these actions will end up enslaving human beings again like they were enslaved in super ancient times. In short, these actions are foolish ones to restart the Kinda-buffer device memorized in the genes and nothing more than mental degeneration in the name of spiritual training.

  • tamper with A   Aをいじる
  • backbone 背骨
  • enslave 奴隷化する
  • memorize 記憶する
  • gene 遺伝子
  • degeneration 退化

What he said is right. I think he is suggesting a fundamental fault of the modern religions. I’m sure those who they imagine have awakened by meditation are on the verge of falling into the Evil Zone, for their private lives are often depraved. They are corrupt in terms of a social and family life, too. They are sure to fall ill later in life because the direction of their spiritual training is fundamentally wrong. They have to look straight at their inside, not outside. It is rare and could be said to be a grace of God that you should reach the true enlightenment by only meditation, like Ramana Maharshi, an Indian sage.

  • fault 欠陥
  • religion 主教
  • verge 際
  • depraved 堕落した
  • corrupt 腐敗した
  • grace 恩寵
  • sage 聖人

Another interesting remark of his is “As long as you live alone, you never know your weak points. Your weak points consist in the relationship with others.” That is, unless you know yourself you can never awaken and only in a family or a society can you receive negative stimuli caused by your weak points from others. And also he says that the negative stimuli from others are the very treasure and they are worth buying. His purpose of life was not to waste his limited life but to acquire the perfect liberty by awakening. Therefore negative stimuli, mentally or physically, were all welcome for his big goal.

  • relationship 関係
  • stimuli 刺激
  • treasure 宝
  • purpose 目的
  • waste 無駄にする
  • acquire 獲得する
  • liberty 自由

We suffer problems related to parents and children, school life or social life. But are we aware of those problems pointing to our weak points?  Especially, a conflict between parents and children is one of the eternal themes of human beings. It is often said that when you feel like taking care of your parents, they are already gone. Mr. Matsuzo Matsushita (松下松蔵), a god man of Showa era, imposed himself on absolute obedience to his stern parents as a spiritual training and as he got through the training, he came to acquire a very strong psychic power. Or Mr. Munetada Kurozumu(黒住宗忠), a great god man of Edo period, devoted himself to his parents before he experienced the magical encounter with Amaterasu-oho-mi-kami(天照太御神).

  • suffer 苦しむ
  • related 関係した
  • point 指す
  • especially 特に
  • conflict 争い
  • eternal 永遠の
  • obedience 服従
  • stern 厳しい
  • devote oneself 献身する

There exists a universal law in this world like a mechanism that grateful actions for parents or ancestors, from whom you physical body comes, have positive effects. Being kind to your living parents and holding memorial services for your dead parents or ancestors are the shortest way to spiritual enlightenment. You don’t have to go on a grueling journey like Gurdjieff. It doesn’t matter whether you are kind to your parents strategically and hypocritically. It’s admirable that you can do it.

  • grateful 感謝に満ちた
  • effect 影響
  • grueling 過酷な
  • hypocritically 偽善的に
  • admirable 立派な

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri  Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

Gratitude Exceeds Meditation

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

If you are possessed with your lost ancestral spirits or spirits from the World of the Dead and meditate with your eyes closed, the possession gets deeper because your consciousness is opened up and becomes defenseless and the spirits come deep into the gap. As a result, your behavior can be strange before you know.  Your body may vibrate or your hands may move against your will. When your mind is weak, you may speak the words of the spirit possessing you, or burst into tears. Or you may speak angry words, a foreign language you don’t know or some meaningless words.

  • possess 憑依する
  • meditate 瞑想する
  • consciousness 意識
  • defenseless 無防備な
  • behavior 行動
  • will 意思
  • burst into tears どっと泣き出す
  • meaningless 意味のない

In Zen, a wooden stick called zen stick has been used since Edo period for the purpose of  making zen monks sitting in meditation come back to their senses. Keisaku (警策)means beating a monk sitting in meditation with a wooden stick when he moves a little. Originally Keisaku had a very spiritual meaning.There are some theories about its origin, though.

  • purpose 目的
  • monk
  • come back to one’s senses 正気にかえる
  • theory 説

Through my spiritual vision, I can see  a spirt trying to possess a person come into and go out of the body part just beneath the shoulder bone or the back of the neck. It was necessary that a zen priest with spiritual eyes expel the spiritual magnetism, or a spiritual body, of a spirt possessing a zen monk when the spirt begins to appear on the surface. Wandering spiritual beings have a gray or black color and look like a cloud of smoke of spiritual magnetism.

  • shoulder bone 肩甲骨
  • expel  追い払う
  • surface 表面

Zen priests with spiritual eyes can expel a spirit possessing a person on purpose  by making the person meditate and the spirit appear to the surface. However, the spiritual being often possesses another person staying on-site. In this sense, it is dangerous and never good to meditate in a group under the guidance of an untrained leader just because you are curious. Such a group will end up being tainted equally by the spiritual being.

  • on purpose 意図的に
  • stay on-site その場にいる
  • guidance 指導
  • curious 好奇心がある
  • equally 一様に

I have seen a TV program featuring a famous zen temple Eiheiji(永平寺)where zen training and meditation are practiced. When I saw the movement of the eyes of the leader in the program, I found him watching the magnetic disturbances of zen monks unconsciously. He took care of the meditation according to the tradition. He didn’t say anything about spirits in the program.

  • feature 特集する
  • movement 動き
  • disturbance 乱れ
  • unconsciously 無意識に

You had better not go to common workshops of meditation because many of the leaders of such workshops have their spiritual line clogged up with lost spirits due to the lack of holding memorial services for the spirits and their private lives are more depraved than those of people in general.

  • had better not~ 〜しない方がよい
  • clog 詰まらせる
  • depraved 堕落している
  • people in general 一般の人々

Ironically, spiritual leaders and people engaged in spiritual business are those who are least likely to hold memorial services for their own ancestral spirits. This is why they can make a lot of money by holding such workshops. They are dreaming a foolish dream, conceiving a wrong world view. Experiences of awakening they talk about are far from the truth. They can never bring about any right kind of spiritual change. They are just trying to get as many students as possible, tainting them with spiritual dirt.

  • be least likely to~ もっとも〜しそうにない
  • conceive 抱く
  • taint 汚す

Spiritual dirt or magnetism professional meditators emit has the form of a snake spirit. This spiritual magnetism arise when they tamper with Kundalini magnetism, which should be curbed and go down to the ground. It is absolutely wrong trying to raise Kundalini magnetism up to the head as is usually claimed because when you do it, your spirituality is confined. By letting the magnetism go down to the ground, you can become a circuit pipe of the circulation of heaven and earth and expand your spirituality infinitely.

  • emit 放出する
  • form 形象
  • tamper with A  Aをいじる
  • curb 抑える
  • claim 主張する
  • confine 閉じ込める
  • circuit pipe 導管
  • circulation 循環
  • infinitely 無限に

Sakyamuni succeeded in becoming a circuit pipe connecting heaven and earth by making his Kundalini magnetism go down to the ground. His soles connecting himself and the ground became the point of contact of enormous energy circulation. I feel it’s true that his footprints on the ground long remained. When I walk down the corridor of my house without wearing slippers, my footprints remain for a long time, too. And I’m scolded by my wife saying “Wear the slippers.” My soles are just easy to

  • succeed 成功する
  • contact 接触
  • enormous 莫大な
  •  scold 叱る

Yogis and professional meditators have been advocating raising Kundalini magnetism up to the present because of their ignorance. Many of them, directing the magnetism in the wrong direction, feel an irresistible impulse to have sex and begin to talk about love, which is a characteristic of a man possessed by a snake spirit. Female followers have to be careful. It is such spiritual leaders who need to be beaten up by a zen stick.

  • yogis ヨーガ行者
  • advocate 唱道する
  • irresistible 抵抗できない
  • impulse 衝動
  • characteristic 特徴

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

When the Energy of Gratitude Spreads, Big Disasters Change into Small Ones

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

I went to a gardening shop recently and bought a nursery tree of Hon-Sakaki(本榊), about one meter tall. I could get it at a low price because it was time when stored commodities were exchanged at the shop. It cost 2500 yen.

  • recently 最近
  • nursery tree 苗木
  • commodity 商品

Of a lot of nursery trees, I chose the most vigorous one. Since it was labelled only “Sakaki,” I asked a shop assistant “Is this Hon-Sakaki?” The assistant told me that when a label says “Sakaki”, it refers to “Hon Sakaki” in general and as Non-Sakaki is a different type of a tree from Sakaki, it is labeled surely as Non-Sakaki.

  • vigorous 元気のよい
  • refer to A  Aを指す
  • in general 一般的に

Bringing it back home, I was wondering if I should plant it in a shade. Asking a holy spirit for some advice about it, I was told that I should plant it at the place in the direction of the northeast from the center of my house. The place was a right shady one, so I planted it there. I’m going to offer fresh Sakaki to my household shinto altar.

  • shade 日陰
  • direction 方向
  • northeast 東北
  • household shinto altar 神棚

I’ve been feeling the spiritual light from the sun gaining more and more frequency since the beginning of August. Checking on in on the Internet, I found a lot of predictions of earthquakes and reports of terrorism. It seems that a lot of people are worrying about what is going on. Also, depraved fee-charging psychics who attach to their clients spiritual dirt of the World of the Dead, which is now vanishing, seem to be keen on their spiritual business, swindling them out of a lot of money by inflaming their anxiety, meanwhile insiders of cult groups are beginning to make complaints about the groups.

  • frequency 振動数
  • prediction 予言
  • depraved 堕落した
  • vanish 消える
  • be keen on A  Aに熱心である
  • swindle A out of B    AからBをだまし取る
  • anxiety 不安

However, what I’ve been feeling since the beginning of August is that the energy of gratitude has been spreading in various forms all over the world. If this continues, big disasters will change into small ones. The energy of gratitude human beings emit is the strongest of all the energies creatures emit and has strong magnetism. Since the energy of gratitude is very similar to that of God’s will, life energy seems to get into appreciative words or thought as a universal law. You can answer God’s will by having an attitude of gratitude to God and the present situation. A wind blowing from Ise(伊勢)conveys to me that everything is going to be all right unless human beings forget the feelings of gratitude.

  • spread 広がる
  • disaster 災害
  • creature 生物
  • emit 放出する
  • magnetism 磁気
  • convey 伝える

With the spiritual waves of the World of Reality being like the present ones, people with spiritual dirt are going to feel pain physically. But only by holding thankful memorial services for ancestral spirits can they purify their body and soul quickly. Maybe this is in part because time is accelerating. So if you start to hold memorial services for your ancestors, you can purify yourself quickly, no matter how much your spiritual dirt is, and go on to the next level. If you have little spiritual dirt, you will keep on holding memorial services steadily, living a happy life.

  • pain 痛み
  • purify 浄化する
  • accelerate 加速する
  • go on to A Aに進む
  • steadily 着実に

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

The Only Way to Make the Electromagnetic Waves from the Sun Pass through Your Body

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

The effect of mobile phones and high-voltage lines on human bodies is a matter of concern. World Health Organization(WHO) admits that there is a statistically high risk for infantile leukemia among children who live near high-voltage lines, but says “There’s no scientific basis that proves there is a cause and effect relationship between them.”

  • effect 影響
  • high-voltage line 高圧線
  • concern 懸念
  • admit 認める
  • leukemia 白血病
  • basis 根拠
  • relationship 関係

Also, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in the U.S reported in 1999 that  though there is no denying the possibility of electromagnetic waves causing cancer there is little relationship between them. It is still inconclusive whether or not electromagnetic waves are harmful. However, even if they were proved to be harmful scientifically, the government and its related organizations couldn’t admit it because to admit it could lead to the liability for compensation. If the government should admit the harmfulness, electric power companies would go bankrupt.

  • inconclusive 決定的でない
  • harmful 有害な
  • government 政府
  • related 関係した
  • liability 責任
  • compensation 賠償
  • go bankrupt 倒産する

We can no longer go back to life without electricity. If a power transmission system which doesn’t use any electric wires or waves is invented in the future and becomes widespread among general households, the government may publicize that the previous method for transmitting electricity was a really dangerous one. But state organs will often leak information about a serious problem little by little while they deny the existence of the problem, saying ” There sure is such a problem. But we’re not sure.”

  • no longer もはや〜ない
  • electricity 電気
  • publicize 公表する
  • previous 前の
  • leak 漏らす

A divine massage I received says that electromagnetic waves cause cancer, formation of tumors and immune depression. I feel that electromagnetic waves scald the inside of a human body slightly again and again. I know by intuition that when cells get burned and regenerate repeatedly over a long period of time, the cells change into tumors or lumps. I think you can avoid the effect of electromagnetic waves emitted from electronic devices by keeping away from them.

  • divine 神の
  • cancer 癌
  • formation 形成
  • tumor 腫瘍
  • immune depression 免疫低下
  • scald やけどさせる
  • intuition 直観
  • regenerate 再生する
  • device 装置

The problem is the electromagnetic waves emitted from the sun. You can’t avoid them. They are subtle and affect spiritual bodies, while normal ones affect physical bodies directly due to their “coarse” vibration frequency. The reaction of the spiritual bodies causes symptoms to appears on physical ones.

  • subtle 精妙な
  • affect 影響する
  • vibration frequency 振動数
  • reaction 反応
  • symptom 症状

In recent years, more and more people has been complaining of general malaise. They suffer from headache, feel irritated or get tired from lack of sleep, but they can’t find any disease causing them. Now that the sun is entering the active period of sunspots, the electromagnetic waves from the sun will more and more intense and as the result more and more people will suffer from general malaise or get cancer.

  • complain 訴える
  • general malaise 不定愁訴
  • now that S+V SがVする今
  • active period 活動期
  • sunspot 黒点
  • intense 強烈な

In order to avoid them, all you have to do is change your body so that the electromagnetic waves from the sun can pass through your body. If your physical body is coated with your original spiritual magnetism, the electromagnetic waves from the sun pass through your body without any reaction. On the other hand, if your body is coated with some spiritual magnetism other than yours, the electromagnetic waves from the sun react to it, heating your body like a microwave oven, and cause your cells to get burned and regenerate.

  • in order to~ 〜するために
  • pass through A Aを通り抜ける
  • on the other hand 一方
  • react 反応する

To prevent this, you have to change your way of life so that spiritual electromagnetism of others cannot be attached to you. In life, you cannot avoid being hated by someone with no reason or having conflicts with others. These cause spiritual magnetism of others to attach to you, but there is nothing your can do about it. As long as you don’t emit such bad electromagnetism, the magnetism you receive from others will be erased quickly, so you don’t have to worry so much.

  • prevent 防ぐ
  • conflict 争い
  • erase 消し去る

If you are the one who emits such bad magnetism to others, bad magnetism arises due to the interaction with the magnetism of others and remains in your body. This remaining magnetism is not quite yours because it contains that of others, and it will react to the electromagnetic waves from the sun. Therefore, the true cause of the problem is you.

  • arise 生じる
  • due to A Aのために
  • remain 残る
  • quite まったく
  • contain 含む

Holding thankful memorial services for your ancestors and reminding yourself of gratitude for being kept alive are ways to eliminate the spiritual magnetism other than yours from your body and to avoid new other spiritual magnetism being attached to yours beforehand.

  • thankful 感謝の
  • remind A of B AにBを思い出させる
  • eliminate 除去する
  • beforehand 前もって

Though all human beings are to receive the baptism of the electromagnetic waves from the sun, people with good intentions and gratitude to the present situations could maintain their original spirituality while they live an ordinary life. Peoples who live in forests away from the modern civilization and have gratitude to nature could also avoid the effect of the electromagnetic waves from the sun.

  • baptism 洗礼
  • good intention 善意
  • civilization 文明

Rather, what I’ve been worrying about is those living in this stressful society who belong to a religious group that makes them gain other believers and chant timeworn incantations which have accumulated negative magnetism with selfish desires in mind. Just as you cannot talk to an English speaker in roman letters, such adherents can go nowhere.

  • belong 属している
  • chant 唱える
  • timeworn 古い
  • incantation 呪文
  • just as S+V ちょうどSがVするように
  • adherent 信者
  • go nowhere 無駄である

In holding a memorial service for your ancestors in the method of Ise-Hakusan Dou, you offer the first two incense sticks to your ancestral spirits and the third one to other spirits related to you. Living in the real world, you will come across a lot of troubles at your workplace or in your family. You can never improve your life no matter what you do as long as you try to avoid spirits related to you, including spirits of the deceased, spirits of living people, a spirit of the site where your house stands and so on.

  • come across A  Aに出くわす
  • including A   Aを含めて
  • site 用地

When I say “other spirits, ” some people are afraid of them for fear that they should suffer inconvenience or lose something. But having such an idea itself proves that it is for their own sake, not for the spirits’ sake that they hold memorial services. If you have such a worry, you can change the word to “other spirits who have something to do with me, ” for example. To make your life better truly, you must not push aside other poor spirits related to you who have never been offered gratitude by anyone.

  • for fear that S+V SがVするといけないので
  • suffer 被る
  • inconvenience 不便
  • push aside A Aを脇におく

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

Genuine Healers Heal People for Free Without Being Noticed

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

With the recent fad of spiritualistic TV programs in Japan, a lot of people are visiting spiritual healers or attending sessions held by psychics without much thought. Some people want to be a healer themselves and spend a lot of money on a professional course to become a healer, which, spiritually speaking, is a very dangerous act.

  • fad 流行り
  • session セッション
  • dangerous 危険な

They are committing a sin through ignorance. They will end up shortening their life time as well as that of others. Those who believe healing to be great and good couldn’t understand this. Even if they are in doubt at the bottom of their heart, they will not face up to the reality. Since an evil spirit behind a healer consumes their life energy, it can be said that both the healer and his/her client are blindfolded by the evil spirit.

  • commit 犯す
  • ignorance 無知
  • shorten 短くする
  • doubt 疑い
  • face up to A Aに向き合う
  • evil 悪い
  • consume 吸収する
  • blindfold 目隠しする

If such people come across this blog for some reason, they won’t even try to read it. They are sure to criticize it. There will be two types of people here: people who can’t realize that they’re doing the wrong thing and people who can realize that what they’re doing is a mistake. The difference is due to that of the protective power of their ancestral spirits.

  • come across A Aに出くわす
  • be sure to~   きっと〜するだろう
  • realize 認識する
  • be due to A Aが原因である
  • ancestral 先祖の

・Those who can’t be convinced of the spiritual truth unless they experience pain.

・Those who can understand it intellectually and avoid dangers without experiencing pain.

This difference is huge. It is thank to the guidance of ancestral spirits that the latter can avoid dangers. Holding memorial services is very important for your own sake,too.

  • be convinced of A Aを確信する
  • unless S+V SがVしない限り
  • experience 経験する
  • pain 痛み
  • intellectually 知的に
  • avoid 避ける
  • thanks to A Aのおかげで
  • the latter 後者
  • for one’s own sake 〜自身のために

Most of the people who earn a living by giving healing sessions or showing spiritual magic are thinking at heart “I know what I’m doing is wrong. But I can’t go back. I need money. I just can’t stop it.” They are making money by having their clients expect for something good in the name of a higher spiritual being such as God, Buddha or an angel. Only those who can deceive their conscience on the basis of various dubious excuses can do this kind of job.

  • earn a living 生計を立てる
  • expect for A Aを期待する
  • deceive 騙す
  • conscience 両親
  • dubious 疑わしい

All human beings are to get old, fall ill and die. Spiritual healers make money by having their clients expect for what is contradictory to this universal truth. They, in short, are denying the truth(=God) and are against it. What is the spiritual beings supporting this wrong act? The righteous God is the spiritual being who give birth to creatures and raise them. The opposite spiritual beings must be the ones who make living things weak and try to destroy them.

  • contradictory 反した
  • deny 否定する
  • righteous 正しい
  • weak 弱い

Well, what is the consequence of your receiving spiritual healing? It’s easy to say – the shortening of your life span in exchange for immediate improvements. I’ve been watching this business field for more than thirty years. In the course of time, many fee-charging healers, well and active at first, died young or quit the job because of illness or became disabled. Healers themselves lost their physical functions in exchange for money.

  • consequence 結果
  • shortening 短縮
  • immediate 目先の
  • improvement 改善
  • fee-charging 優良の
  • die young 早死にする
  • disabled 身体障害の
  • function 機能

The righteous power of healing can cause miracles under the shadow of God as long as you don’t receive any money and have no intention of enlarging your organization or gaining fame. Genuine healers would have a decent job and avoid his/her name being known thoroughly. They would heal people who need help for free without being noticed. They don’t want any reward, so they don’t need to let the people know about it though it happens once in a while that the picture or profile of a genuine healer is revealed after death. The problem is few people can have access to such genuine healers. So this kind of situation may be said to be only private affairs, meaning almost nothing to the whole human beings.

  • as long as S+V SがVする限り
  • intention 意図
  • enlarge 大きくする
  • fame 名声
  • genuine 本物の
  • decent きちんとした
  • thoroughly 徹底的に
  • reward 報酬
  • once in a while たまに
  • reveal 明らかにする

In short, healing can never be a business. If a healer demands payment for a healing session, he/she is a 100% evil one, no matter how much they look like a good person. Such healers are sure to lead many people to Hell in the end. Good clients for them are pitiful who assume they can’t live without healing. They rake up money desperately, take healing sessions and die full of anxiety at the last moment of their life. God will never forgive such evil healers as lead a luxurious life at the cost of poor people. Human beings can never feel great security unless they find out God in their heart.

  • in short 要するに
  • demand 要求する
  • payment 支払い
  • pitiful 哀れな
  • assume 思い込む
  • rake かき集める
  • desperately 必死に
  • at the cost of A Aを犠牲にして

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

As Your Tamaza Perishes, Your Look Comes to be Evil

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

The other day, I talked with a president of a company having dealings with our company. He said “I saw a TV program saying people with low body temperature are likely to have cancer. So I’ve begun to take in expensive Chinese herbal medicine and dietary supplement.” He did have a more ruddy complexion than before. But what I felt in my mind was the impurity of his blood and his elevated blood pressure.

  • dealing 取引
  • body temperature 体温
  • cancer 癌
  • expensive 高価な
  • ruddy 赤みのかかった
  • complexion 顔色
  • impurity 濁り
  • blood pressure 血圧

He showed me the Chinese herbal medicine, but I didn’t like it. Tuning my consciousness to the product, I found that it was an inferior product with an unreasonable price. The manufacturer must have thought that the more expensive products are, the more reliable they seem, and the more Japanese buy ones.

  • consciousness 意識
  • product 製品
  • inferior product 粗悪品
  • manufacturer 製造業者
  • reliable 信頼できる

Though strict regulations of imported foods have begun, I’m still concerned about imported health supplements. I thought that if he continues to take in the supplements, he would have cerebral hemorrhage or some trouble with his liver. As he bought them at the suggestion of his friend, I couldn’t tell him what I was thinking then. I just recommended that instead of taking in such supplements, he get tepid water frequently so that it could be absorbed in the body.

  • strict 厳しい
  • regulation 規制
  • concerned 心配して
  • cerebral hemorrhage 脳溢血
  • liver 肝臓
  • recommend 勧める
  • tepid water ぬるま湯
  • frequently 頻繁に
  • absorb 吸収する

By the way, the body temperature tends to be low of the people who make money by selling spiritual products or counseling spiritually, or who are under the influence of spiritual beings from the World of the Dead. So is that of the people who are affected by spirits due to the location of their house or some of whose related spirits are restless, wandering spirits. This is because another spiritual body is winding itself round their Tamaza(魂座), the left side of the chest where a soul exists, affecting it.

  • tend to~   〜する傾向がある
  • influence 影響
  • affect 影響する
  • due to A  Aのために
  • related 関係した
  • restless 落ち着かない
  • wander 彷徨う
  • wind 巻く

Originally, Tamaza has a spherical body and shines brightly. The bad state of Tamaza is reflected onto the spiritual body and then the physical body, lowering the body temperature. As long as Tamaza is in the normal state, you can dissolve the spiritual body round Tamaza by holding memorial services for your ancestors with the use of three incense sticks.

  • spherical body 球体
  • shine 輝く
  • reflect 反映する
  • dissolve 溶かす
  • ancestor 先祖
  • incense stick 線香

However, those who make money by doing spiritual business have a serious problem. They are attaching their clients’ spiritual dirt to their own Tamaza in exchange for money. Attracted to the spiritual dirt, spiritual beings from the World of the Dead will come close to them just as cockroaches are attracted to the smell of food.

  • attach 付ける
  • dirt 垢
  • in exchange for A  Aと引き換えに
  • attract 引きつける
  • just as S+V ちょうどSがVするように

What these spiritual beings eat is not their spiritual dirt but their Tamaza. They eat it little by little trying not to kill them. As Tamaza is eaten, the look and atmosphere of those possessed change gradually. Evil spirits are very crafty, so the symptoms they cause are different from person to person. If you are protected by your ancestral spirits at all, you can have the feeling of wrongness. But most people don’t notice it until physical problems appear. At this stage, it’s too late, though.

  • little by little  少しづつ
  • look 見た目
  • atmosphere 雰囲気
  • gradually 徐々に
  • crafty ずる賢い
  • cause 引き起こす
  • the feeling of wrongness 違和感

If your Tamaza were eaten up, an evil spiritual being would come into the space and reside there. If the spiritual being takes on a form of a snake, the space is occupied by the snake spirit and your physical body changes accordingly. You would look like a snake in terms of expressions of eyes, behaviors, taste and so on. Your atmosphere would change into that of reptiles.

  • reside 住む
  • occupy 占める
  • accordingly それに従って
  • behavior 振る舞い
  • taste 好み
  • reptiles 爬虫類

There are various spiritual forms other than that of a snake, such as a fox, a raccoon dog, a rat, a black cat and so on. It’s a kind of a spiritual zoo. The images of these animals human beings in this World of Reality have in common are projected onto the spiritual bodies of evil spirits and they do take on such forms.

  • various 様々な
  • in common 共通して
  • project 投射する

The spiritual bodies are different from those of real creatures. So if I take a close look at them, I see them changing subtly all the time and taking on a variety of unreal forms. A fox spirit, for example, has several tails according to its spiritual power. How the possessed come to look depends on the spiritual meaning according to their kind. Fee-charging male psychics or healers are usually possessed with a spirit with a form of a snake, while fee-charging female ones a fox.

  • creature 生物
  • subtly 微妙に
  • a variety of A 様々なA
  • tail 尻尾
  • fee-charging 有料の

I think the Fundamental Being has set up an ingenious contrivance in this world so that the way of life and inner world of human beings can appear on the surface. Your true character are going to appear more and more clearly because of the spiritual light of the sun.

  • fundamental 根源の
  • contivance 仕組み
  • surface 表面

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.