Receiving an Unfair Rebuke with Consideration for the Other


It often happens in the workplace  that you get reprimanded one-sidedly by your boss who never listens to your excuses. In the midst of the lingering recession, you are more likely to get reprimanded than before.

  • reprimand  叱責する
  • linger 長引く
  • recession 不況

Whenever I get reprimanded by my boss, I say to him “You’re right. You’re absolutely right,” agreeing with him, because I know he’s irritated in agony and I feel sorry for him. His angry over slight things proves that everything goes wrong with him 24 hours a day and he never lives a happy life with his family.

  • absolutely 絶対的に
  • agony 苦悶
  • slight わずかな

Such temperament can easily alienate your family and you’ll feel stressed all the more. Children won’t obey what parents say. You’d be distressed due to their disobedience sooner or later. Also, you’d fall ill by giving stress to your body. If I come across a man who gets angry unreasonably, I’m not affected by him at all, because I feel his life is going to  be miserable in the end.

  • temperament 性向
  • alienate 遠ざける
  • obey  従う
  • affect 影響を与える

Spiritual bodies of people full of gratitude become like a mirror. As time goes by, their mental attitudes come to be like that of God. That is, they’ll have a big heart. Mirrors reflect light. So, when you yell at a mirror, you’re yelled at.

  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • reflect 反射する
  • yell 怒鳴る

If you, who appease spirits related to you and remind yourself of gratitude in everyday life, are reprimanded unfairly by someone, all you have to do is listen to him/ her without resistance. If you’re to blame, just try to improve yourself. If he or she tells you off despite your effort, please feel sorry for him or her.

  • appease なだめる
  • related 関係した
  • resistence 抵抗
  • despite A Aにも関わらず

Not to change the subject, but company presidents and middle-level managers have had a hard time these days. They’re always concerned about funds, after all. Financing problems cannot get off their minds. Because of this stress, many managers may go off on their unreliable subordinates. Unlike salaried workers, presidents of small companies, once fail in business, have everything he has taken away by the bank.

  • subject 主題
  • president 社長
  • concerned 気がかりな
  • unreliable 頼りにならない
  • subordinate 部下
  • fail 失敗する

I sometimes hear from some company presidents that an average annual income of employees is larger than that of the president himself. In days of old, presidents would often make a lot of money, but their future is unknown. I feel that the valuation of companies should be how many employees they keep. I hope that, if companies that maintain employment go into the red, the government gives preferential treatment to them.

  • annual income 年収
  • in days of old 昔は
  • valuation  評価
  • go into the red 赤字になる
  • maintain 維持する
  • preferential 優遇の

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


Whatever Happens, Keep Your “Pilot Light” Burning

The other day, I saw a TV program featuring the social problem that men in their thirties who were in the prime of life were losing their jobs rapidly. They say that, in rural areas, even part-time or temporary workers as well as regular employees are losing their jobs. This was not the case in Showa era. The Japanese society has never experienced such a severe recession before.

  • feature 特集する
  • rapidly 急速に
  • rural 田舎の
  • employee 従業員
  • recession 不景気

In the 1940’s after the war, when there was nothing but burnt-out ruins in Japan, most Japanese people were poor, but the economy was developing every year steadily. In those days, the money put in time deposit more than doubled because of its interest.

  • burnet-out ruin 焼け野原
  • steadily 着実に
  • time deposit 定期預金
  • double 二倍になる

Our parents and grandparents, who founded and the base of Japanese economy and developed it, can be said to be the generation who knows only a developing society. That is, the generation who knows only developing economy has a big influence on  politics and is company presidents in the economic climate the Japanese society has faced for the first time. It seems that the generation can only come up with the plan of reducing the scale of economy and is worried about nothing but saving their own necks.

  • found 作る
  • generation 世代
  • influence 影響
  • politics 政治
  • climate 環境
  • reduce 減らす

I think the Japanese economic growth for the past ten years has actually been a negative growth or the status quo at best. A negative growth of economy is a fearful thing because the value of money in the bank decreases naturally. You have to live your life taking into account the yearly decrease of your income. You’re in the age in which it is difficult to live.

  • growth 成長
  • the status quo 現状維持
  • decrease 減る
  • take A into account Aを考慮に入れる

A man appearing in the TV program was in his middle thirties and he graduated from a well-known private university. He quit his job in his first company in Tokyo in a few months because of a trouble with his colleagues. After that, he’s been drifting from job to job as a temporary worker in rural areas. He prepares his own meals, considering his monthly budget and health. I thought he was a tidy, excellent person and too good for unskilled labor.

  • well-known 有名な
  • quit やめる
  • colleague 同僚
  • prepare 用意する
  • budget 予算

Seeing him spiritually, I found that he lost his confidence at the first company. Once you’ve lost confidence, you become feeble, always making negative choices. In this World of Reality, a small success leads you to a bigger one. What matters is whether  you can have the confidence to accomplish goals by all means or whether you can keep on trying without a guarantee of success.

  • confidence 自信
  • feeble 弱い
  • matter 重要である
  • accomplish 成し遂げる
  • by all means 何としても
  • guarantee 保証

In the entertainment world, I hear, senior entertainers bully talented newcomers to make them lose their confidence for the purpose of keeping their positions. Only newcomers who’ve got over it can become successful. The successful entertainers often say later that such bullying by the senior entertainers was out of love, as if it were a heartwarming story, but the senior entertainers seem to have bullied them seriously, trying to survive in the entertainment world. This kind of thing often happens in ordinary society, too.

  • bully いじめる
  • talented 才能のある
  • newcomer 新人
  • get over A Aを乗り越える
  • bullying いじめ
  • ordinary 普通の

Even if you fail or are beaten up, it’s important that you keep your pilot light burning in your heart. Your positive mind will illuminate your way and show which way to go. To lose confidence is to lower the pilot light. A spiritual pilot light does exist in your heart. If this holy fire is extinguished, you turns a wreck or may die. This pilot light can be said to be the light of a soul. Those who can’t believe even in themselves can’t believe in others, much less their Inner God. This is regrettable.

  • beat A up Aをひどい目にあわす
  • pilot light 種火
  • illuminate 照らす
  • lower 弱める
  • extinguish 消す
  • wreck 廃人
  • regrettable 残念な

Well, what should you do with the disappearing fire in your heart? Attending seminars on self-development may make you positive by suggestion, but it’s nothing but a temporary uplifting feeling. The same thing can be said about religions. Then what should you do? Only by using a practical, spiritual method can you make your pilot light burning again. It is to offer gratitude to your ancestral spirits, or your spiritual genes.If you can make your pilot light burning again by offering gratitude to your ancestors, you’re sure to have a positive state of mind. You would get confidence somehow without reasons. Then if you are beaten up, you can bear it and watch for a sign of revival.

  • temporary 一時的な
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • gene 遺伝子
  • be sure to~ 必ず〜する
  • bear 耐える
  • revival 復活

It is like spraying water on the fire in your heart to have wandering ancestral spirits or other related ones generating negative vibration in your spiritual body. Such being the case, you can’t make the fire strong. If much water is sprayed on your fire, it can be almost extinguished and you can be severely depressed. To make your pilot light burning again, you have to stop the water from being sprayed on it above all by holding memorial services for your ancestors with gratitude and reminding yourself of gratitude to God.

  • spray 噴霧する
  • wander 彷徨う
  • depressed 落ち込んだ
  • remind 思い出させる
  • above all 何にもまして

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.