Relation of Master and Disciple is No Good for Spirituality


There are some psychics who make much of the relation of master and disciple or pride themselves on having been a disciple of a famous teacher. It’s obvious that their spirituality is low and they are half finished psychics. The spirituality of such psychics who demand a lot of money from those in trouble is less than half of that of ordinary people working hard everyday.

  • make much of A Aを重要視する
  • relation 関係
  • disciple 弟子
  • obvious 明らかな
  • demand 要求する

Inner God of such a psychic is hiding itself deep inside. They are ignorant of true knowledge of the spirit world and obsessed with the fatally wrong idea that it’s good to be stained with another person’s spiritual color. Such spiritual teachers adopt their disciples and make them their puppets.They swindle their disciples out of money saying that they will teach the secret of enlightenment, and attach spiritual dirt to their disciples’ original spiritual bodies. The disciples exult to feel something they have never felt before, which is no more than spiritual dirt.

  • ignorant 無知な
  • puppet 操り人形
  • swindle 騙す
  • enlightenment 悟り
  • attach 付ける
  • exult 歓喜する
  • no more than A Aにすぎない

In Zen, there is a phrase, “if you come across a Buddha, you must destroy the Buddha, if you come across a master, you must destroy the master.” Ikkyu(一休), Hakuin (白隠)and Dogen(道元) said similar things, too. The true meaning of the phrase was suppressed by Zen sect because revealing what the great zen masters really wanted to say was inconvenient for the management of the organization. So the phrase has been handed down to this day without its clear explanation, interpreted as meaning “do not depend on others,” “introspect your own mind.” But the truth is its true meaning is much more serious.

  • come across A Aに出会う
  • similar 似たような
  • suppress 隠す
  • management 運営
  • interpret 解釈す
  • introspect 内観する

When Ikkyu reached spiritual enlightenment in his twenties, he thought, I feel,  “Oh, now I see clearly. I’ve gone a long way round. I hate my master. He is the very man who prevented me from becoming awake,” and felt angry. Ikkyu saw his comrades killing themselves after despairing of reaching enlightenment. He had an acute resentment of many comrads’ lives and souls being wasted.

  • go a long way round 遠回りをする
  • prevent 妨げる
  • awake 目覚めた
  • comrade 仲間
  • despair 絶望する
  • resentment 憤慨

His “bad” behaviors after his enlightenment that broke the conventions of Buddhism were irony toward masters. He was really thinking that masters confusing their disciples were misleading and unnecessary. Dogen didn’t adhere to forms, either and said “Just sit.” Ramana Maharshi, a sage of southern India, also said “Do not meditate. Just be there. Do not even think about trying to be. Just be. Do not wonder what being is?  Because you’ve already been.”

  • convention しきたり
  • confuse 迷わせる
  • misleading 誤解を招くような
  • adhere 固執する
  • sage 成人
  • meditate 瞑想する

Since you were born as a human being, you’ve had Something Great inside yourself. So all you have to do is to walk with it for a limited time. In this World of Reality, or material world, everything, including time, is in tandem. It’s important there to respect a vertically structured relationship, such as teacher and student or boss and his men, because knowledge is imparted from the one who mastered it first to a learner. The learner has to show gratitude, as a matter of course.

  • in tandem 縦に
  • respect 尊重する
  • impart 分け与える
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち

In the spirit world, on the other hand, all souls stand in line before Something Great, or God. There can’t be the relation of master and disciples there. Spiritual masters would be nothing more than sinful, stupid men before God. Even God would get angry to see them chiseling money out of his disciples using the name of God. “I do not belong only to you,” God would say. Everyone stands in line and is completely equal before God. Just stay as you are and go through thick and thin free from care with the following phrase in mind:

  • horizontal line 横線
  • sinful 罪深い
  • chisel 巻き上げる
  • completely 完全に
  • as one be あるがままに

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


There is Always a Path to Enlightenment in any Situation

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

A housewife asked me on the comment field of this blog: “I raise my children and do housework free and easy. Do you think I can do Gurdjieff work?” Gurdjieff work is to raise your consciousness in a desperate situation. My answer to the question was “You’re not trying to escape from the Gurdjieff work. So don’t worry.”

  • raise 育てる
  • free and easy のんびりと
  • consciousness 意識
  • desperate 絶望的な

I wonder how many people in such a situation can realize how lucky they are. Or how many of them emit magnetism of gratitude to such a situation consciously. It seems that many women in such a precious situation have difficulty having an attitude of gratitude because of their grievances with their children or husband and unnecessary stress about them.

  • emit 発する
  • have difficulty ~ing 〜するのに苦労する
  • attitude 態度
  • grievance 不満
  • unnecessary 不必要な

What is the Gurdjieff work in such a situation? It is to do your best with gratitude in raising your children, doing the housework, enjoying your hobbies and so on. But you have to remember that just doing your best doesn’t lead to the Gurdjieff work which raises your consciousness. Concentrate on one thing. In case you clean your house, for example, you can learn a lot more things than you can imagine.

  • do one’s best 最善を尽くす
  • concentrate 集中する

In Zen training at a temple, it is regarded as important to concentrate on doing chores and cleaning the temple without thinking, which is called Samu(作務)and is a kind of meditation with your eyes open. Though human minds are difficult to control, always being unstable, you can open up a deeper domain of your mind by concentrating on physical labor.

  • regard A as B  AをBとみなす
  • meditation 瞑想
  • labor 労働

Well, let me introduce an interesting episode of Gurdjieff, a Russian mystic. On his journey he came across a hunter hunting rabbits. The hunter was a quiet man in a simple clothes with a smile on his face. On seeing him, Gurdjieff felt a strong power of his consciousness and realized that he was not an ordinary person. He thought the hunter to be a man who was “awaken” in a way and whose mind was crystalized.

  • introduce 紹介する
  • mystic 神秘家
  • come across A Aに出くわす
  • quiet 静かな
  • usual 普通の
  • crystalize 結晶化する

Having interest in the hunter, Gurdjieff asked him to let him accompany the man all day. What the hunter did in a day was mostly hunting wild rabbits. He shoots at a wild rabbit the moment it pops its head from the ground, under which lies a burrow expanding in all directions. Wild rabbits rarely appear. When it pops its head, it’s momentary. He shoots at a rabbit from a distance with a rifle never missing the moment.

  • accompany  同行する
  • mostly 大部分は
  • burrow 巣
  • expand 広がる
  • direction 方向
  • rarely めったに〜ない
  • momentary 瞬間的な

He holds his rifle in the direction of the burrow in the distance on his hands and knees. He was concentrating still with his eyes fixed on the point of his rifle. Gurdjieff was watching him by him. One hour, two hours passed. The hunter never moved with his eyes open. Gurdjieff felt tired and left his side. He was watching the hunter from a distance relaxed and drinking a coffee. Then he heard a sound of a gunshot. The hunter successfully shot down a rabbit. As long as six hours had already passed. When the hunter came to him with the rabbit in his hand, Gurdjieff asked him a question offering a cup of coffee to him, “How could you concentrate for many hours without moving?” He replied to him “What? One hour is nothing to me.”

  • from a distance 遠くから
  • gunshot 銃声
  • successfully うまく
  • reply   答える

One of the characteristics of an “awaken” person has is transcendency of time. As you train yourself with a view to improving your power of concentration for many years, a deep domain of your consciousness comes to appear. It doesn’t matter on which work or activity you concentrate. For example, it often happens that as top craftsmen have been engaging in their work forgetting themselves for many years, they come to feel a meaning of life or begin to respect gods, though these things have nothing to do with their work. What such people think about will be realized more and more easily in this World of Reality. Human minds are profound like the universe. Everything is connected with each other.

  • characteristic 特徴
  • transcendency 超越
  • matter 重要である
  • craftsman 職人
  • meaning 意味
  • have nothing to do with A Aと関係がない
  • connect 繋げる

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U  Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

Gratitude Exceeds Meditation

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

If you are possessed with your lost ancestral spirits or spirits from the World of the Dead and meditate with your eyes closed, the possession gets deeper because your consciousness is opened up and becomes defenseless and the spirits come deep into the gap. As a result, your behavior can be strange before you know.  Your body may vibrate or your hands may move against your will. When your mind is weak, you may speak the words of the spirit possessing you, or burst into tears. Or you may speak angry words, a foreign language you don’t know or some meaningless words.

  • possess 憑依する
  • meditate 瞑想する
  • consciousness 意識
  • defenseless 無防備な
  • behavior 行動
  • will 意思
  • burst into tears どっと泣き出す
  • meaningless 意味のない

In Zen, a wooden stick called zen stick has been used since Edo period for the purpose of  making zen monks sitting in meditation come back to their senses. Keisaku (警策)means beating a monk sitting in meditation with a wooden stick when he moves a little. Originally Keisaku had a very spiritual meaning.There are some theories about its origin, though.

  • purpose 目的
  • monk
  • come back to one’s senses 正気にかえる
  • theory 説

Through my spiritual vision, I can see  a spirt trying to possess a person come into and go out of the body part just beneath the shoulder bone or the back of the neck. It was necessary that a zen priest with spiritual eyes expel the spiritual magnetism, or a spiritual body, of a spirt possessing a zen monk when the spirt begins to appear on the surface. Wandering spiritual beings have a gray or black color and look like a cloud of smoke of spiritual magnetism.

  • shoulder bone 肩甲骨
  • expel  追い払う
  • surface 表面

Zen priests with spiritual eyes can expel a spirit possessing a person on purpose  by making the person meditate and the spirit appear to the surface. However, the spiritual being often possesses another person staying on-site. In this sense, it is dangerous and never good to meditate in a group under the guidance of an untrained leader just because you are curious. Such a group will end up being tainted equally by the spiritual being.

  • on purpose 意図的に
  • stay on-site その場にいる
  • guidance 指導
  • curious 好奇心がある
  • equally 一様に

I have seen a TV program featuring a famous zen temple Eiheiji(永平寺)where zen training and meditation are practiced. When I saw the movement of the eyes of the leader in the program, I found him watching the magnetic disturbances of zen monks unconsciously. He took care of the meditation according to the tradition. He didn’t say anything about spirits in the program.

  • feature 特集する
  • movement 動き
  • disturbance 乱れ
  • unconsciously 無意識に

You had better not go to common workshops of meditation because many of the leaders of such workshops have their spiritual line clogged up with lost spirits due to the lack of holding memorial services for the spirits and their private lives are more depraved than those of people in general.

  • had better not~ 〜しない方がよい
  • clog 詰まらせる
  • depraved 堕落している
  • people in general 一般の人々

Ironically, spiritual leaders and people engaged in spiritual business are those who are least likely to hold memorial services for their own ancestral spirits. This is why they can make a lot of money by holding such workshops. They are dreaming a foolish dream, conceiving a wrong world view. Experiences of awakening they talk about are far from the truth. They can never bring about any right kind of spiritual change. They are just trying to get as many students as possible, tainting them with spiritual dirt.

  • be least likely to~ もっとも〜しそうにない
  • conceive 抱く
  • taint 汚す

Spiritual dirt or magnetism professional meditators emit has the form of a snake spirit. This spiritual magnetism arise when they tamper with Kundalini magnetism, which should be curbed and go down to the ground. It is absolutely wrong trying to raise Kundalini magnetism up to the head as is usually claimed because when you do it, your spirituality is confined. By letting the magnetism go down to the ground, you can become a circuit pipe of the circulation of heaven and earth and expand your spirituality infinitely.

  • emit 放出する
  • form 形象
  • tamper with A  Aをいじる
  • curb 抑える
  • claim 主張する
  • confine 閉じ込める
  • circuit pipe 導管
  • circulation 循環
  • infinitely 無限に

Sakyamuni succeeded in becoming a circuit pipe connecting heaven and earth by making his Kundalini magnetism go down to the ground. His soles connecting himself and the ground became the point of contact of enormous energy circulation. I feel it’s true that his footprints on the ground long remained. When I walk down the corridor of my house without wearing slippers, my footprints remain for a long time, too. And I’m scolded by my wife saying “Wear the slippers.” My soles are just easy to

  • succeed 成功する
  • contact 接触
  • enormous 莫大な
  •  scold 叱る

Yogis and professional meditators have been advocating raising Kundalini magnetism up to the present because of their ignorance. Many of them, directing the magnetism in the wrong direction, feel an irresistible impulse to have sex and begin to talk about love, which is a characteristic of a man possessed by a snake spirit. Female followers have to be careful. It is such spiritual leaders who need to be beaten up by a zen stick.

  • yogis ヨーガ行者
  • advocate 唱道する
  • irresistible 抵抗できない
  • impulse 衝動
  • characteristic 特徴

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

While You’re Alive, All You Have to do is Live Hard

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

At homes for the aged, it is said, old people can get better mentally by holding or touching pet animals. And it is also said that when people get irritated, they can feel calm by holding a pet cat or dog. I think this is partly because the magnetism of irritation can be discharged by touching animal hair.

  • the aged 老人
  • irritated イライラした
  • magnetism 磁気
  • discharge 放電する

However, I feel strong resistance to keeping animals within a house. I used to keep a lot of animals, including my pet dog John. My father kept our house and himself clean very carefully because his family line was that of shinto priesthood. He said that animals should be kept outside of the house, which I took for granted.

  • resistance 抵抗
  • including A  Aを含めて
  • priesthood 聖職
  • take A for granted Aを当たり前に思う

Also, when I contemplate or receive a divine message, I need to fill a room or the inside of my house with my spiritual magnetism. The frequency of spiritual vibration of the other family members are near to mine, so I’m not affected by them. But when an animal is near to me, I find it difficult to set up a spiritual barrier due to the difference in spiritual vibration. It’s OK for people in general to keep a pet animal inside the house and be healed by it.

  • contemplate 沈思黙考する
  • divine 神の
  • fill 満たす
  • frequency 振動数
  • due to A Aのために
  • in general 一般の

Unexpectedly, some famous religious men sat on a fur. If they lived in the modern age, they would be protested by animal welfare groups. There were many sages in India who used carpets made of fur habitually. Ikkyu, a famous Japanese zen monk, also used one. For one thing,  he wanted to destroy a holy image people had toward priests. For another, he could concentrate on meditation on the carpet that got rid of unnecessary spiritual magnetism. Every time I hear about animal therapy or furs, I remember Ikku somehow.

  • unexpectedly 意外なことに
  • fur 毛皮
  • the modern age 現代
  • protest 抗議する
  • sage 聖人
  • habitually 日常的に
  • get rid of A   Aを取り除く

By the way, there are a lot of interesting episodes about Ikkyu. Among them, the most interesting one is an episode of him mystifying an answer to the question whether he has been spiritually awakened. Hearing this episode makes me feel his affection toward his disciplines because at that time they, zen practitioners, were likely to think like “I can’t reach spiritual enlightenment by any means. I’ m worthless.” Some of them lost confidence in themselves and killed themselves in the middle of ascetic practices.

  • mystify 煙に巻く
  • be awakened 悟る
  • discipline 弟子
  • by any means 決して〜ない
  • confidence 自身

The last words Ikkyu said just before he died were ” I don’t wanna die.” He finished his life with the words typical of him, not suitable for an eminent monk who has attained spiritual enlightenment. Also, he left his disciplines a letter, saying “Should a serious problem occur in the future, open this letter. But only if all of you think you’ve got into a desperate situation.” A few years later, a serious a problem happened to them. They thought” It’s time to ask for his advice.” All disciplines got together to open the letter. They gazed at the letter opened up holding their breath. It said, “Don’t worry. It will come out all right.”

  • typical 典型的な
  • suitable ふさわしい
  • eminent 高名な
  • desperate 絶望的な
  • hold one’s breath 息を飲む

What he wanted to say, I feel , is “While you’re alive, all you have to do is live hard.” His words sound like a great humorous means, saying “Don’t worry while you’re alive. Worry after you die! ” Ikkyu surely touched the fundamental being, which is a mass of true love. He frankly showed people “sad” dispositions of human beings and passed away, leaving behind an aspect of true spiritual enlightenment. He must’ve enjoyed his life to the full.

  • alive 生きている
  • surely 確かに
  • mass 塊
  • aspect 面
  • to the full 思う存分


生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

What the Activities of the Sun will Bring about

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

According to news reports, a phenomenon that sunspots didn’t appear at all occurred in August of 2008 for the first time in a hundred years. This means that the sun has become inactive. According to an explanation of Henrik Svensmark, a Danish astrophysicist,

→The magnetic field of the sun will be weak.

→Cosmic rays reaching the surface of the earth will increase. The magnetic field of the sun keeps cosmic rays, including harmful ones, from reaching the earth.

→ There are data suggesting that the increase in cosmic rays adds to the amount of cloud over the earth. Because of the increase of cloud, the amount of rain is increasing lately. Without the increase of cloud, humans could die out due to the harmful harmful cosmic rays reaching the surface of the earth.

→When cloud increases, the amount of sunlight will decrease, causing the earth to cool.

  • sunspot 太陽黒点
  • cosmic ray 宇宙線
  • surface 表面
  • harmful 有害な
  • suggest 示唆する
  • add to A Aを増加させる

In short, as sunspots decrease in number, the temperature of the earth is likely to drop. In the reverse case, the temperature is likely to rise. That is, the unstable state of sunspots causes the instability of the temperature of the earth.

  • in short 要するに
  • temperature 温度
  • reverse 逆の
  • that is つまり
  • instability 不安定さ

For example, in August this year, the temperature in Hokkaido renewed the record of its minimum temperature. Also, Mt. Fuji was covered with snow as early as on 9, August, renewing the record for the first time in 94 years. As the number of sunspots decreases, signs of cooling are appearing in fact.

  • renew 更新する
  • record 記録
  • sign 兆候

On the other hand, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) expects that the activities of the sun will be more and more intense and that humans will be enveloped in electromagnetic fields they have never experienced before. That is, in terms of the modern science, there are two opposite forecasts; one is the forecast that the global warming trend will continue and the other is the forecast that the global cooling will occur. The latter is in the minority, though.

  • intense 強烈な
  • envelope 包む
  • opposite 反対の
  • forecast 予測

According to my spiritual vision of the future world, the temperature of the earth is stable and about 20 degree centigrade on average. Since the future world comes after the change of the dimension of the earth and human bodies, it seems to have nothing to do with the present world. But a divine message I received says that the World of Reality has already begun to move toward the future world, corresponding to the revelation of the past that extremely high and low temperatures would alternate.

  • 0n average 平均して
  • correspond 一致する
  • alternate 交互する

Though I said the temperature of the future world is about 20 on average, when there are 15 days of 40 degree centigrade and 15days of zero degree, the average temperature is twenty. If this kind of situation should happen in the near future, activities of the whole world would be affected so much. The signs of this big change in temperature have been appearing recently. The holy message says “The change is going to be projected onto the World of Reality in June of 2009.” Extreme natural disasters are going to happen.

  • affect 影響する
  • project 投射する

Also, a divine message I received last year says “Be careful on September 18, 2008,” meaning that the state of Japan on that day will be projected onto the whole world like a prototype. If Japan has nothing disastrous on that day, so will the rest of the world. But if some serious problem happens to Japan before the day and the national mood is bad, such a bad state of Japan will spread to the other countries. However, I’m sure things will be all right now that more people have started reminding themselves of gratitude for being kept alive. I had not been allowed to make public the contents of revelations suggesting concrete dates, but this time I was told by a holy guardian spirit to write about it just once.

  • disastrous 破滅的な
  • now that S+V 今やSはVするので
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち

On the day I wrote about Futonorito brown rice, various kinds of readers appeared on the comment field and the fabric of human relationships was revealed. There are a lot of people these days who try to blame any problem to the government, public administrations, others and so on. They are the kind of people who are actually dependent on them. Human beings have to strive to breed conscience in this Wold of Reality, turning to their own Inner God. You don’t have to believe what I’m saying, of course. All you have to do is feel something in your heart to read my words. It is karma between you and me whether you feel something or not.

  • brown rice 玄米
  • blame A on B AをBのせいにする
  • dependent 依存している
  • strive 努力する

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

When You’re in Trouble, You’ve Got the Chance to Get Rid of Your Negative Karma

天津 神様

In a book I read in the past, there was a scene of a renowned zen priest and a samurai exchanging questions and answers. I can’t remember the details, but the scene was like the following:

  • renowned 高名な
  • priest 僧
  • detail 詳細

A zen priest was looking over the garden of his house covered with beatutiflu snow, when a samurai appeared from nowhere with his feet wet with snow and said to him “I have killed a lot of people by orders from my lord. Killing people brought about any benefit for me, but I had no choice. If I die, who will take on the responsibility?”

  • look over A Aを眺める
  • from nowhere どこからともなく
  • bring about A Aをもたらす
  • take on A   Aを引き受ける
  • responsibility 責任

Having listened to him, the zen priest told him to stand under a tree nearby and shake a branch over his head. When he did it as he was told, the snow on the branch fell on his head and he got his body covered with snow. The zen priest said “I ordered you to shake the branch, but I’m sitting on this tatami mat in the safe and warm room. You’ve covered with cold snow, not me.”  The story was something like that.

  • tell A to~ Aに〜するよう言う
  • branch 枝
  • order A to~ Aに〜するよう命令する

It is a parable illustrating that a man executing an order takes on the responsibility, but in terms of spiritual karma, the man executing the order is not the only one to blame. Conscience(=Inner God) of a man giving an order knows that he made another man commit the sin and in effect he killed the man. The energy of mortification the victim and the executioner emitted is sure to return to the man giving the order. The consequence may not happen to him while he’s alive, but he has to pay for it sooner or later.

  • parable 比喩
  • execute 実行する
  • in terms of A Aの観点からは
  • conscience(良心)
  • mortification 無念
  • emit 放つ

It’s important for you to live with the thought that whatever you do, good or bad, will be returned to you sooner or later. The point is someone has to end this chain of negative karma, or it never ends. However hard your present situation, it’s no good to involve your family or people around you and make them unhappy. If you’re in trouble, all you have to do is accept such a situation with gratitude, thinking that this is a chance to get rid of your bad karma. If someone says to you “I can do it for you if you give me money,” just say “No way! Don’t hinder my chance!”

  • the point it … 大事なことは…
  • end 終わらせる
  • present situation 現状
  • involve 巻き込む
  • get rid of A Aをなくす
  • hinder 邪魔をする

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Preference Affected By One of My Previous Lives


Today is my birthday. Though I don’t think it’s a big deal, I ate my favorite food for dinner. The maternity health record book written by a doctor that my mother gave me says that I was born at 11:11:11 on April 8, the same numbers arranged. I like it.  Now that I’m a middle-aged man, I just think “Oh, I’ve got older again!”  every time my birthday comes around.

  • maternity health record book 母子手帳
  • arrange 並べる
  • now that S+V 今やSはVするので
  • every time S+V SがVする度に

Looking back on my life, I feel really grateful for having been alive to this day because human beings could die right away at any moment due to carelessness. I think again that for human beings each day is a birthday and a gift to be thankful for. Sometimes the gifts are something painful or sad, but still they are precious ones in a limited life.

  • look back on A Aを振り返る
  • grateful 感謝している
  • to this day 今日まで
  • right away あっという間に
  • due to A A のために
  • painful 苦しい
  • precious 貴重な
  • limited 限られた

What came to my mind this morning is a minor incident I caused when I was a little boy before entering a nursery school. As a boy, I loved watching a bonfire adults in the neighborhood made. As soon as I found a bonfire, I would run up to it and watch it sitting by. I was not tired of watching it for hours. I would often be scolded by my mother looking for me and she said “You’ll wet the bed if you watch a fire!”

  • come to one’s mind ふと思う
  • minor 小さだ
  • incident 出来事
  • nursery school 幼稚園
  • bonfire 焚き火
  • neighboorhood 近所
  • as soon as S+V SがVするやいなや
  • run up to A Aに走っていく
  • be tired of A Aに飽きる
  • scold 叱る
  • wet the bed おねしょする

One day, when I was watching a bonfire, an adult came to put it out saying “The wind has begun to blow.” I felt very sorry because I especially liked the shape of the fire at that time. Watching the used charcoal, I felt attached to it. So I brought an empty can with a lid for confectionery from my house, put the charcoal in it, took it home and hid it under the desk of my room.

  • put out A Aを消す
  • especially 特に
  • charcoal 炭
  • feel attached 愛着が湧く
  • empty からの
  • lid 蓋
  • confectionery お菓子

Three hours later, no sooner had I opened the door of my room than I found it was so filled with heavy smoke that I couldn’t see anything. I was shocked and scared at the sight and ran for my parents about to cry. My parents wouldn’t believe me reluctant to come. Needless to say, they came down on me for what I had done. Fortunately, the fire burned only part of the floor. I was so stupid a child. I still love watching fire, so I’ve suggested to my wife several times that we furnish our house with a firewood stove, but she always turns down the suggestion, saying “No, no. Taking care of it is very tough.” What a pity!

  • no sooner had S pp than S’+V’ Sが〜するやいなやS’はV’した
  • sight 光景
  • reluctant to~ 〜するのを嫌がる
  • come down on A Aをきつく叱る
  • fortunately 幸運なことに
  • stupid 愚かな
  • suggest 提案する
  • furnish A with B AにBを備え付ける
  • turn A down Aを断る

The reason why I cling to fire so much is related to one of my previous lives. I have lived my life before as the founder of Zoroastrianism, which is the oldest primitive religion in the present civilization. And then, through different periods of history, I was born in India to be one of the close aide to Shakuson. It is said in general that the figure must have been a relative of Shakuson because he was able to be an aide to Shakuson when he was young and Shakuson was accompanied by him till he died. But this is not true. The karma at that time seems to still have had a strong influence on my present life.

  • cling to A Aに執着する
  • related 関係している
  • previous 前の
  • founder 創始者
  • Zoroastrianism 拝火教
  • primitive 原始の
  • civilization 文明
  • close aide 側近
  • relative 親戚
  • accompany A Aを同伴する
  • influence 影響
  • present life 今生

Zoroastrianism had a strong impact on Judaism and Islam. Behind the establishment of these religions was a strong holy spirit. It is Susanoo (スサノオ) who has been in the depth of the religions. And it means that there is a high possibility that Islamic countries will listen to what Japan says, which has been entrusted with Amaterasuohomikami (天照太御神). No other countries other than Japan won’t be able to stop their wars. The close aide to Shakuson was also a reincarnation of Ganesh, looking like a white elephant, which led to Shiva, or a reincarnation of the holy energy of Susanoo. That is, he led to the energy body of Susanoo after all. I will tell my fantasies of my previous lives if the occasion arises.

  • Judaism ユダヤ教
  • Islam イスラム教
  • establishment 確立
  • depth 深奥
  • reside 住む
  • entrust A with B AにBを預ける
  • reincarnation 化身
  • fantasy 夢物語

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます


Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

A human brain and the universe are in similarity relation.


A while ago, I saw a picture of Ms.Lisa Randall, a world-famous theoretical physicist, on the Internet for the first time. I didn’t see the special program of Japan Broadcasting Company featuring her, so it was the first time I saw her face, which looks very intelligent.

  • a while ago 少し前
  • theoretical physicist 理論物理学者
  • for the first time 初めて
  • Japan Broadcasting Company 日本放送協会
  • feature 特集する
  • intelligent 知的な


Seeing her in my spiritual vision a little, her soul, interesting enough, seems to have been on a different planet in her previous life. Though her academic background is great, she seems to have already known a lot about the universe when she was a student. I’ll write about a waking dream about the universe based on a few minutes of my psychic reading.

  • previous 前の
  • academic background 学歴
  • waking dream 夢想
  • based on A Aに基づいて

In the first place, the universe seems to consist of two parts, the front universe and the back universe. These two huge universes join together at an extreme point. If there is a planet in the front universe, there is also a planet in a similar place in the back universe. There seems to be regularity such as Fractal or symmetric figures between these two universes.

  • in the first place まず第一に
  • consist of A Aから成り立っている
  • the front 表の
  • the back 裏の
  • extreme point 極点
  • regularity 規則性
  • Fractal figure   相似形
  • symmetric figure 対象形

As I saw this state of the universe spiritually, I thought of a similar thing―a human brain. The front universe is to the back universe what the left brain is to the right brain. A human brain might be the universe in miniature. A nerve cell in the brain corresponds to a planet in the universe.

  • think of A Aを思いつく
  • A is to B what C is to D AのBに対する関係はCのDに対する関係と等しい
  • A in miniature Aの縮図
  • nerve cell 脳細胞
  • correspond to A Aに相当する

Also, in the vision of the universe of esoteric Buddhism, the front universe and the back universe are represented as Taizo-kai(胎蔵界)and Kongo-kai(金剛界)in Mandala of the Two Realms(両界曼荼羅).


  • esoteric Buddhism 密教
  • represent 表わす

There is relativity between the change in number of cranial brain cells during the period from the birth of a human being to the death because of old age and the movement of outer space during the period from its birth to its end. So studies on a human brain may explain the movement of the universe. If there is already any theory similar to this, I’d like to know.

  • relativity 相関性
  • cranial brain cell 脳神経細胞
  • movement 動き
  • outer space 宇宙空間
  • explain 説明する
  • theory 理論
  • would like to~ 〜したいと思う

When I was doing this psychic reading, a holy spirit told me an interesting thing. It suggested that when a fixed star shining in the night sky, which is a kind of sun, ends, part of the sun, in return, reincarnates into a human being in this World of Reality. We human beings do have charge of Amaterasuohomikami(天照太御神), or the Sun God, as Inner God in our heart.

  • holy spirit 神霊
  • suggest 示唆する
  • fixed star 恒星
  • reincarnate 生まれ変わる
  • in return お返しに
  • have charge of A Aを預かっている
  • Inner God 内在神

As is very rarely the case, it seems that when a man dies who was able to embody Amaterasuohomikami, or Inner God while he was alive, a fixed star does explode to perish, too. When a great man dies, newspapers say “Giant Star Falls”, which seems to be true.

  • embody 体現する
  • explode 爆発する
  • perish 死滅する
  • very rarely 極稀に
  • Giant Star Falls 巨星落つ

I asked the holy spirit if there was a man I know, in Japan of recent years, who died at the same time as a fixed star perished. It told me that there was such a man in the industrial world and, unexpectedly, another in the religious world in Showa era, too. A fixed star did perish at the time. I’m going to write about it in this blog in due time.

  • the industrial world 産業界
  • unexpectedly 意外にも
  • the religious world 宗教界
  • era 時代
  • in due time 時が来れば

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Ultimate enlightenment lies in living in the mandane world.


A spiritual conversion from night into day was completely done around Christmas in 2007. The new spiritual age of “daytime” has already begun.

  • conversion 転換
  • completely 完全に
  • daytime 昼間

What I’ve been thinking these days is that spirits who were not able to come out into the World of Reality because of their being sealed up during the dark age of the World of the Dead have been appearing on the surface. As I prognosticated in this blog over and over, spiritual beings similar to you in nature and spirituality have been gathering around you. Observe your present state of mind dispassionately.

1. I can be grateful for my daily lives. I’m in the state of emotional warmth.

2. I think I can be positive somehow though I have some physical pain and the work is hard.

3. It takes all the energy I have just to live. Troubles never end.

4. I feel ill at ease somehow. I have a vague uneasiness and my physical condition is bad, too.

5. I feel depressed. I can’t dissipate the gloom.

6. I often get pissed off. I’m always irritated.

and so on.

  • these days 近頃
  • seal up A Aを封印する
  • prognosticate 予告する
  • over and over 何度も
  • similar 似ている
  • gather 集まる
  • observe 観察する
  • dispassionately 冷静に
  • emotional warmth ほのぼのとした感情
  • somehow どういうわけか
  • physical 身体的な
  • pain 痛み
  • trouble 悩み
  • feel ill at ease 心が落ち着かない
  • vague 漠然として
  • depressed 鬱な
  • dissipate 追い払う
  • gloom 陰鬱さ
  • get pissed off 腹が立つ
  • irritated イライラした

If you can try holding a memorial service for your ancestral spirits and reminding yourself of gratitude in such conditions mentioned above, it would be great. It is meaningful and valuable to be able to hold a memorial service with gratitude and remind yourself of gratitude to God in this World of Reality . If you can be grateful in the face of difficulties, you may have already reached enlightenment.

  • try ~ing 試しに〜してみる
  • ancestral 先祖の
  • remind A of B AにBを思い出させる
  • meaningful 意味がある
  • valuable 尊い
  • in the face of A Aに直面しながらも
  • reach enlightenment 悟る

A man who has truly reached enlightenment is like this:

if there is a sick child to the east, going and nursing over them
if there is a tired mother to the west, going and shouldering her sheaf of rice
if there is someone near death to the south, going and saying there’s no need to be afraid
if there is a quarrel or a suit to the north, telling them to leave off with such waste
when there’s drought, shedding tears of sympathy,when the summer’s cold, wandering upset

called a blockhead by everyone
without being praised
without being blamed

– a man who always has a smile on his face calmly and concentrates on now.

  • sick 病気の
  • nurse 看病する
  • shoulder 担ぐ
  • death 死
  • afraid 怖がる
  • quarrel 口論
  • suit 訴訟
  • waste 無駄なこと
  • drought 干ばつ
  • shed tears 涙を流す
  • sympathy 同情
  • wander 彷徨う
  • blockhead でくの坊
  • praise 誉める
  • blame 責める
  • calmly 穏やかに
  • concentrate  集中する

You must not mistake a unique, personal mysterious experience for enlightenment. Such a unrealistic, eccentric experience is just self-satisfaction, which is meaningless for many other people in terms of the development of mind and is nothing more than a personal experience.

  • must not ~  〜してはいけない
  • mistake A for B AをBと取り違える
  • unique 特殊な
  • personal 個人的な
  • mysterious experience 神秘体験
  • eccentric 奇異な
  • self-satisfaction 自己満足
  • in terms of A  Aの観点から
  • development 発達
  • nothing more than A Aに過ぎない

I feel Jugyuzu(十牛図) , a set of ten drawings of cows which depict the path leading to the enlightenment of Zen meditation, describes an aspect of enlightenment very well. According to the drawings, personal enlightenment is just ranked as 6th out of 10. In the last tenth drawing, where the final stage of enlightenment is described,  a practitioner of austerities who has reached enlightenment, growing up from a child to be Hotei(布袋), a god with a potbelly who is one of the Seven Gods of Good Luck, goes out into the town and play with other children innocently. He, spiritually awakened, is never alone.

  • drawing 絵
  • depict 描く
  • path 道
  • describe 描写する
  • aspect 側面
  • a practitioner of austerities 修行者
  • innocently 無邪気に
  • awakened 目覚めた

The final stage of enlightenment is that you live with gratitude for everything in the mundane world enjoying “now” with other people. That you can live your life being grateful in this miscellaneous society is truly sacred state of mind. To reach enlightenment, you must not be separated from social life. Let’s do our best in our present life without forgetting gratitude, shall we?

  • mundane world 俗世間
  • miscellaneous 雑多な
  • sacred 神聖な
  • state  状態
  • separate 分ける
  • social life 社会生活

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.



The shotest way to the truth lies in a daily life.


Let’s think about how a person who has a family and a regular job should seek for truth.

  • seek for A Aを探し求める
  • truth 真実

When I see faces of Unsui(雲水),  Buddhist monks who practice doctrine of Soto school(曹洞宗) of Zen Buddhism,  on TV once in a while, they look very well with a fair skin and a high color though they eat plain food. To take a look at them doesn’t have any spiritually unpleasant impression on me. Many of the Unsui are treasurable sons of families who live in a Zen temple and are supposed to take over it in the future.

  • monk 僧
  • doctrine 教義
  • once in a while 時折
  • fair skin 色白
  • high color 良い血色
  • plain food 粗食
  • take a look at A Aを見てみる
  • unpleasant 不快な
  • impression 印象
  • treasurable 大切な
  • be supposed to~ 〜することになっている

In Soto school, to devote themselves to an immediate deed is thought to be important and monks just sit in zen mediation earnestly, clean up the temple earnestly, eat earnestly and so on. They don’t have any intention of introspection nor a secret method of soothing their mind. It is said that if they can devote themselves into a task or work in daily lives and become one with the deed, they can be one entity with his inner Buddha(=God) naturally. When I do a psychic reading about the name of Dogen(道元), the founder of the Sodo sect, the inspiration that “This is because all and everything in this world is a manifestation of Buddha” comes to my mind.

  • devote 捧げる
  • immediate 目前の
  • deed 行為
  • meditation 瞑想
  • earnestly 熱心に
  • intention 意図
  • introspection 自己観察
  • soothe 落ち着かせる
  • entity 存在
  • founder 創設者
  • come to one’s mind 心に思い浮かぶ

If this kind of training mentioned above has been passed on to this day, Dogen is an amazing person, I think. Because I feel he showed us the shortest way for a living human being to approach Buddha.

  • pass A on Aを伝える
  • to this day 今日まで
  • amazing 驚くべき
  • human being 人間
  • approach 近づく

For example, suppose we’re serving customers. Can we survey our mind while we recommend some goods talking with a customer? No, most ordinary people can’t do that.  Then, can we do a different type of training after we get home? If you a housewife, you must have a lot of things to do, like preparing for dinner or washing clothes, or taking care of your children, etc. If you a man,  you don’t have enough time for some rigid religious training after you get home tired. Ordinary adults can’t afford to have time to do some ascetic training for truth.

  • suppose  考える
  • customer 客
  • survey 観察する
  • recommend 勧める
  • ordinary 普通の
  • rigid 厳格な
  • cannot afford to~ 〜する余裕はない

That is, religious trainings and introspection have “nothing” to do with adults who work hard and have families. I hear a self-appointed guru tells his believers that they cannot be happy unless they do some special training.  I think only such a “special” man may as well go away at a trot into that special world by himself  lol.

  • that is つまり
  • have nothing to do with A Aには何の関係もない
  • self-appointed 自称の
  • guru 指導者
  • assert 主張する
  • may as well~  どうせなら〜した方がよい
  • by oneself 一人で

If all of the people in the world were special disciplinants, there would be no children, no food, no electricity. That is, the true way never lies in a special training. So an absolutely right kind of spiritual training which can improve your mind must be the one  you can put into practice, working and raising your children. Methods only a few special men can do have nothing to do with you. What most people can do by himself alone is the right kind of way to the truth. The Original God that created this world is full of “love” of keeping everything alive and growing. It would never endow the kind of method that helps a few self-appointed chosen people.

  • disciplinant 修行者
  • absolutely 絶対に
  • raise 育てる
  • the Original God 根源神
  • create 創造する
  • be full of A Aでいっぱいである
  • endow 授ける
  • chosen 選ばれた

If working people want to improve themselves in spirituality, I recommend a method which you can practice while you are doing your job taking up most of the day, and doesn’t bother those around you. If you try to introspect your mind dealing with customers, you are likely to be silent and find it hard to smile. You can’t do any job being like this.

  • take up A  Aを取り上げる
  • bother 悩ます
  • those around A 周りの人々
  • be likely to~ 〜しそうである

So, why don’t you deal with customers thinking “Thank you so much for keeping us alive” ? A smile would flash on your face and you can be kind to customers,too. Both your spirituality and the quality of your work will surely improve positively.

  • Why don’t you~? 〜してはどうですか?
  • flash  浮かぶ
  • kind 優しい
  • both A and B AもBも
  • positively 前向きに

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

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